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Monday, January 31, 2022


Hello everyone

and welcome to my 2021 reading madness. 


I read many books, found some new authors and series, requested many ARCs, joined more authors' group on facebook, and most of all, just enjoyed the year as much as I could - meaning, I spent all day with a book.

Let's see what I LOVED in 2021. Here's my top favorite list of books from last year: 

In no particular order, here are the books with review links too: 

That Mafioso Magic by Nicholas Bella

Fawned by Winter Pior

Wishes For Rohi by K.L. Hiers

The Cuckoo's Cal by Lily Morton

Beautifully Unexpected by Lily Morton

Something Fabolous by Alexis Hall

The One That Got Away by Nicky James

The Endless Road to Sunshine by Nicky James

Seth by Nero Seal 

Ponyboy by AE Lister

Hematoma by Matteo Polk

The Offering Surrender by Rosary Deville

A Tremendous Amount of Normal by Chase Connor

The Gravity of Nothing by Chase Connor

Secrets & Lies by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine

Shai by H.L. Night

Claiming the Cleanfreak by Daniel May

Flesh and Blood by Adara Wolf

The list is full with new-to-me authors, but let's see who I found in 2021: 

Daniel May, AE Lister, Chase Connor, Taylor J Gray, Laura Lascarso. 

They are my favorite new-to-me authors of 2021. I hope to see more of them in 2022 ;) 

And because I read 304 books, it was HARD to choose not so many favorites. I've made another list of books instead. Here are my FAVORITE SERIES OF 2021 list. I loved reading them book by book, but they are perfect as series too: 

The Isaac series by Taylor J Gray
The Morelly Family by Leigthon GreeneGiovanni by Laura LascarsoHell's Bedroom by Tanya ChrisA Taste of Ink by Daniel MayScott&Jericho&Pascal by AE Lister


I haven't made a photo list of favorite audiobooks, but I do have a list of them. Not as big as the previous ones, but it's still a list ;) 

Until the End of Time by Nicky James & J.T. Ruddle
Theoden by Nicholas Bella & Christian J Gilliland 
The Endless Road to Sunshine by Nicky James & Nick J Russo
Master's schiavo by Laura Lascarso & Daniel Carter

That's all. I hope you had an amazing 2021 too, I really enjoyed that year. We'll see what 2022 brings. 

My 2022 resolutions are: read less, request less ARC, read more from my TBR, and don't feel guilty when DNFing a book. 

Thanks for being here, for reading my reviews, and authors: thanks for offering your books. ♥ 

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