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Friday, June 11, 2021

~ ISAAC by Taylor J Gray ~ series review


Isaac - Layton - Slave - Baby Boy - Peter - Just Breathe

by Taylor J. Gray

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Isaac: Adult only. Explicit and descriptive scenes of BDSM, medical fetish and play and M/m sex.
Isaac is a slave. He's been a slave since the day he turned eighteen. He likes it, he's good at it, gets off on it and is good at serving people. A client visit to the 'Doctor' changes everything and he finds himself having to prove his worth as a slave all over again... until he finds himself right back where it all started.

Layton: Adult only - Descriptive BDSM scenes and M/m sex.
Isaac is back with Layton. Layton was the person who took him from the vanilla world and taught him to be a slave. He liked to save people, help them. After initially giving Isaac his freedom he then teaches him again which is fine by Isaac as he gets to play with another slave but then he realises he's in too deep and must make decisions... Although Layton gives him everything he needs and wants, it's against the rules for slave and Owner to be together so to have what he needs he must leave. He heads back to Kellen to slave for him again. Things don't go to plan and he ends up hiding in his submission to try and keep the memories and a certain person at bay.

Slave: Adult only. Descriptive scenes of torture and BDSM M/m play.
Although Layton gives him everything he needs and wants, it's against the rules for slave and Owner to be together so to have what he needs he must leave. He heads back to Kellen to slave for him again. Things don't go to plan and he ends up hiding in his submission to try and keep the memories and a certain person at bay.

Baby Boy: Adult only - Contains descriptive scenes of M/m sex and BDSM play
Isaac is stuck trying to heal and trying to be independent and leave his slave days behind him but he's struggling. His need and desire to play again is building up inside of him but he's scared. When Layton gets called away he ends up finding something he's been searching for his whole slave life.

Peter: Contains descriptive scenes of M/f, M/m sex and BDSM play.
Peter is a Twenty-Seven-year old heterosexual or so he thought... then he met Isaac and the dangerous fantasies he thought he left behind in the vanilla world come rushing back. Things seem to fit but there are others to think about, Isaac belongs to Layton and can he really be the person that Isaac needs? He's been hiding the things inside him for so long and hiding with Julian but he can't hide if he wants Isaac.

Just Breathe:
As Isaac starts to recover from his past, his needs and desires start to draw him again but things have changed… as his journey comes to an end, he’s unsure what will happen.

My review:

"You are not my slave, Baby Boy, you are my love"

It's so hard to describe my feelings about this series becasue it's much more bigger then words itself. These characters, this journey, they cemented themself in my soul and I can't get rid of them - but I don't want to. 

It was an emotional rollercoaster. It was beutiful beyond words and it was so, so perfect, I can't find the words to describe it. It took my breath away many times. I struggled to breathe, but luckily, there was Layton who always remembered and told to breathe. Just breathe. 

I just finished reading the last book a couple of hours ago, but no matter what, this whole series is so bright in my mind, it seems I have no other thoughts now just Isaac, Layton, Julian, Peter and Marcus. 

The BDSM scenes and the whole phsychological part of it was the best in this journey. It was real, painful and so beautiful. And my favorites- the aftercare. All the afercare, all the sweet thoughts, touches, caresses, cuddles and kisses. The perfect balance between hard BDSM and the sweetest love. Because that's what the BDSM is about. 

I love how the author wrote this series, it was long as fuck, not an important scene was missing and it was so beautifully described. All the dialogues between Doms and subs, all the thoughts in Isaac's mind, and all those beautiful connections, friendships and loves between all the characters. 

After reading the first book, I was hooked from page one, but I didn't know what a journey was ahead of me at that time. Reading Isaac's first slave scene, all those things Breecher did to him, and all those fucked up emotions Rourke made in his mind. At the time I was curious about Rourke and Isaac's relationship and I just couldn't see past everything. I enjoyed the medical scenes, it was so fucked up and so dark, it was painful and hurtful, but the writing stlye and the journey was enjoyable. I hurt for Isaac and his suffering, but it was needed to fall in love with him and this series. 
Silly me, didn't know how wrong I was... 

Then came Layton.
I didn't know where to put him, because he wasn't even a thought in the first book, so I was sceptical about him. (I still haven't read Julian's book, so Layton was a really new character to me, a new character I fell for. HARD)
Layton was and is everything. The center of Isaac's universe, and the best thing that could happen to a slave. (not kidding, I'd be a slave for Layton too)
Layton's book opened my eyes and I saw my errors toward the first book. Rourke wasn't someone who needed my attention so I let him go while I hated him for what he did. Julian piqued my interest and his and Layton's relationship is that kind of story what wet dreams are made of. (but I had to wait to the very last book to see more of them)

In the book Slave, everything has changed. 
Just as Isaac, I thought the same. Everything is going to be alright and perfect. Just as Isaac imagined all his life. He finally got a Keeper, he's back in the slave world, so it seems perfect, right? Yeah, no.
This book was just as painful as the first. Devon, oh god, what he did with Isaac. But aside the emotional journey, the writing style was still phenomenal. I felt everything Isaac had. I saw everything he did. I was there with him in his room, hiding under his bed and praying for something to happen.
Marcus was an amazing addiction to this story, I loved him from the start and I was happy when I found out he's going to play a bigger part in Isaac's life. Just as Layton, because I knew (okay, I hoped) that everything will lead back to Layton and he will maked the world and Isaac beutiful again.
It was both painful and amazing to watch this story to take shape, and Isaac's journey wasn't a bit boring. It was exciting as hell. And I loved that Layton is so understanding and patient.

Baby Boy was the book I was the most excited about. 
Layton called Isaac Baby Boy all the time and it was so sweet and swoon worthy, I had brain-orgasm all the time he called him Baby Boy. And my favorite line? Not the I love you. No, because there wasn't that line. The best line to make clear Layton loved Isaac? I HAVE YOU. Oh, my, god! Mini heart attack all the time. Or heart-orgasm?! LOL 
So yeah, finally our pair is together, but Isaac is still suffering. Layton is there with him and helps him on his journey. If I hadn't fallen in love with Layton before, I sure as hell would have in this book, because he is the perfect dominant everyone dreams about. (me included)
We got to see more of Julian, we met Peter too, and I was interested where this will lead this story. 

Peter's book was a bit different and I was hesitant to start it properly. Until this time, the story was told only from Isaac's POV, so when the book started with Peter's and with his past, I was both intrigued and afraid. Intrigued, because I wanted to see and know what made Peter the man he is, and afraid, because he is hetero - so the book has m/f scenes in it. And just when I thought the whole book is going to be about Peter, we were back with Isaac and with his beautiful mind again. 
Layton and Isaac is together, but Isaac is still dreaming about a Keeper. About his perfect Keeper. And surprise, surprise, Peter is just the perfect character. Isaac falls in love immediately and Peter's feelings are confused because he is straight. He lives in this world, he is friends with Julian and has feelings toward Kendal, but Isaac is a storm you can't stop no matter how hard you're trying. 

Until this time I binge read the whole series, so there weren't any other thoughts in my mind just these characters and their story. Isaac was in my mind all the time and I couldn't wait to read his next journey. At the time I didn't know it would be the last, so I just waited happily for the next book...

Just Breathe is the last book, the last installment in Isaac's journey, and everything gets in their place in this one. 
I read it with the biggest smile and a teary eyes. Reading a book when you know it's the last in a series you love, knowing it will end and you have to let go of you beloved characters. It hurt. 
I was excited to read about Marcus and Isaac's relationship and it was beyond everything I imagined. It was perfect, but too short. (LOL we're talking about 400-600 pages books and I found it short haha). Marcus is a sweetheart and I loved how he was with Isaac. I enjoyed reading those pages. 
Layton and Isaac's relationship seems perfect. Isaac has his place, he has a Keeper finally, but he still hadn't played since Devon's damage. 

The whole second part of the book is about Layton and Isaac's playtime, it was so, so intense, not a suprise I struggled with breathing. It was everything I want from a BDSM book, everything I want from a slave/Master romance, and everything I wanted Layton to finally have it. And Isaac too. 
Intense, deep, emotionally high, with many bruises, blood and tears, cum too. It wasn't filthy, it was beautiful. 

And when it ended, I cried. I cried, because I saw what Isaac saw too and was afraid. I didn't want to let Layton go. I didn't want Peter to come. I was a selfish and one minded bundle of NEED. I just needed Layton and Isaac to be together forever, happy forever. I know. I see it, just as Layton told about it to Isaac. I see and hear what Layton says, I see that Isaac and his need is bigger then that, but I still am sad. Those last pages was the hardest to read. I cried my eyes out while saying goodbye. I cried my eyes out while seeing Layton enjoy Isaac and Peter's first love making. I cried becaues of Layton. I cried because of Isaac. And I cried because of me. 

It has destroyed me but gave me so much emotions. Perfection in every way. New favorite series, new favorite character, new favorite author. I don't want to live in a world where is no Isaac and Layton. 

My favorite scene in the last book was the phone-accident. When everyone was there becaus of Isaac. And when Layton told his feelings about it. It was beautiful. Isaac gave so many things to Layton and to everyone.
And when Julian and Layton shared, oh my! Tell me about waiting for something through 6 book and finally have it. 

I loved when Isaac was with the slaves. I loved Isaac and Julian's relationship. I loved Layton so, so much. I loved the chocolate cake and all the food metaphors. I just LOVED. 

And now I'm on to read Julian's story.

Favorite quoutes from the last book:

"He trusts you in your world to come back to him whenever you leave him, maybe you should trust Isaac in his world to come back to you when he leaves you?"
"No, you may not have a phone...maybe one day. I don't like the idea of waking up every night with twenty people standing in our room because you felt needy."
"From this moment onwards I'm now, and will always be, your Master."
"Isaac was at his most beautiful to me when his body was twitching in pain and pleasure."
"There was nothing that compared to just laying naked with him and just enjoying each other but I think it was just Isaac that made it feel so good."
"There was no love anywhere that gave more than that a submissive boy and his Master. It was intense love, an understanding love of feelings and places and knowing and accepting each other's dark souls."
"There was nothing like the feeling of being adored and loved by two dominants, both praising me with their touch."
"Have you really locked the door?"
"Absolutely. You seem to draw people to you. I want a little of you to myself. Before you came to stay here my life was so quiet, my friends hardly visited, certainly not in the middle of the night and... my fridge was always full." I laughed a little. "Now, I seem to have more friends than I ever had, who seem to visit whenever they like and filling my fridge has become Bea's full-time job."
"I think you were getting the celebatory dominant high five... with sprinkles...or in your case, extra icing."


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