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Friday, January 29, 2021

~ Enticed by the Enemy by Leighton Greene ~


Author: Leighton Greene
Title: Enticed by the Enemy
Series: Morelli Family 3 (can read as standalone, but better in order)
Pages: 361
Release date: 2021 January 18
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4,5)


He’s an FBI profiler who’s half my age. Contact between us is forbidden. But I can’t stay away from him.

As the Morelli Underboss, I'm the Family problem-solver. So when a task force blames the Morellis for a series of murders in Central Park, it's up to me to restore our reputation.

But Fate puts me on a collision-course with an agent on the very task force dedicated to bringing down my Family…

And we end up on the run together.

My heart has been ice-cold for decades, but something about him sets my blood on fire.

It would be crazy of me to trust a Fed. But he claims he wants to prove my innocence. That the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

We each want to solve this case for different reasons, but we’ll both end up dead if he can’t follow my lead.

So to make him behave, I’ll use every weapon I have—including my body.

But why do I feel like I’m the one losing control?

Enticed by the Enemy is a M/M mafia romance set in the world of the Morelli Crime Family. It can be read as a standalone, but it's even more fun to read the series in order. Characters and events from previous books are referenced.

My review: 

I LOOOOOVE the Morelly Family so much, and I was so excited to read Angelo Messina's story! And the best - I was afraid that we wouldn't see Finch and Luca - but I was wrong! Ahh loved that Finch and Luca were both there and helped our two love birds! 

Angelo and Bax's story is a real enemies to lovers story. An FBI agent and a MOB underboss? What can get more enemies than this? And I loved every page of it! 

Loved both Angelo and Bax, but when they got together - just wow! Scorching hot! There weren't enought erotica and sex in the book (for my taste), but those few scenes... WOW! I said it a million times already, but I loooove how Leighton writes erotica! So enjoyable and so detailed, hot and real, just the best! 

The romance was a bit slow burn, but oh so well written. Insta love, but not as sudden, and that's the way I love it! The characters know that they are weak to their emotions and eventually will fall in love with the enemy, but try to fight against it. THE BEST! 

Really loved reading this book, and the only thing I haven't gave 5 full stars to it, because Finch and Luca is the ultimate favorite, but Angelo and Bax are close second! Aww so good!

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