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Sunday, January 23, 2022

~ Hunters Moon by Taylor J Gray ~


Author: Taylor J Gray
Title: Hunters Moon
Series: The Streetboys 1
Pages: 487
Release date: 2021 November 11
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Rating: ★★★★★


Adult only -

Scenes of M/M sex, mild BDSM and discussion of rape

Layton - from the Isaac Series - went to the vanilla streets to find a boy, he returned with two different ones. Joe's and Leo's arrival in the slave world, which is a secret place where subs and Doms can live openly, will have consequences, and the ripples will be felt in both worlds.

This is how their story begins...

My review: 

WOW! That ending is a killer one! 

I know and I'm sorry, but I can't stop when it comes to Layton, and wow, LAYTON IN THIS BOOK. Holy moly! I know that Leo and Joe is the centre point of this series, but Layton is a whole other world for me. Every time he is on the page, I lost control LOLOLOL.

Loved it. I missed Isaac just as Layton missed him, but it was exciting to see Leo in this new setting. Meeting new people in a whole new world. The Julian scene got me grinning and laughing really hard. 
Layton with Joe, just wow. Love it.

This series isn't as deep and good as Isaac was, but we'll see. As far as Layton is in it, I'll gave 5 star LOLOLOL.

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