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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Welcome here, again ... :)

Hello everybody! I have good news!

The blog is finished, and oh my GOD, it's beautiful! And i've made other accounts where you can follow me and this blog.

Twitter , Facebook Goodreads Instagram

The blog was designed by Becca, you can find her on Facebook and on her blog.

Thank you if you are here and reading this. You are amazing! Keep support authors and book reviewers.


~ Clutch ~

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Hello, its me...

This is my very first post in this blog. I want to say hi to everyone who found me lol, and apologize for my english if its bad.

I am just a girl who tries to write reviews on a different language, so please, if you find anything i wrote is bad, please say something and i can re-write it, thanks.

I mostly read m/m romance, i have no desire to read m/f anymore, but i have some authors i'll read no matter what genre he/she writes. Taboo and bdsm books are my favorites, i love dark and twisted, i love romance and erotica, cute and funny, i dont care until its m/m and well written.

So this was a welcome-here post, i'm gonna write my posts in two languages, hungarian and english.