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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Kitchen Sink Dom by Tanya Chris ~ Release Blitz, Excerpt & Review


Kitchen Sink Dom
Book 1 of the Hell’s Bedroom series

by Tanya Chris
Published by Tanya Chris Publishing (self-published)

M/M BDSM Romance, 81K words

Available March 23, 2021 from Amazon in ebook and paperback. Eligible for Kindle Unlimited.


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Private Investigator Harrison Fisher’s new case isn’t going the way he'd hoped. Wearing a collar, pretending he’s submissive, searching for a Dom who can get him into Hell's Bedroom, the elite BDSM club where a seventeen-year-old boy has gone missing—his first time working undercover is really stretching his boundaries. He’s always wondered if BDSM might be for him, but how can he be honest about what he wants sexually when he can’t be honest about anything else?

When Cash meets the handsome man brimming with nervous energy, he feels like he’s struck gold. Cash isn’t the most dominant of tops, but he’s got a wide repertoire of skills, and he’d be happy to practice every single one of them on Harry, the sub who’s so new to the scene he doesn’t even know his own kinks. But the closer he gets to Harry, the more obvious it becomes that Harry isn’t who he claims to be.

As Harrison flirts with both BDSM and Cash, one missing person turns into two. Someone at Hell’s Bedroom is abducting vulnerable subs, and it’s going to take more than just Harrison to bring them home. It’s going to take a whole kinky village.


“What kind of a scene are you interested in?” Cash asked.

“You’re the boss.” Harry darted a quick glance up at him—anxious but also something else.

“I can’t ‘be the boss’ without knowing what you like. Unless you want me to throw random kinks at you and see what sticks.”

“You might as well,” Harry said with a nerve-laced laugh. “I really don’t have any idea. I told you I was new, right?”

“You’re so new you don’t even know what you like?” That was… intriguing. Cash’s kink was driving his partner wild. Usually his partners told him what made them wild—maybe not in exact words, but he’d been around the scene long enough to understand which triggers went with which kinks—and then he executed on it. Very well, too.

If a guy wanted to be whipped, Cash broke out the flogger. If he wanted to be pissed on, Cash let loose. If someone wanted to be bound and gagged, Cash could turn them into a veritable pretzel. He had the skills to wield any implement, expose any vulnerability, satisfy any fetish. But as a service top, he was usually pushing buttons that had already been pretty well mapped out. What would it be like to find those buttons himself, to push them for the very first time?


“I could definitely introduce you to some things.” And enjoy the fuck out of it. “I’m safe, sane, consensual, and I’ve got a lot of experience. Your friend can vouch for me.”

“My friend?”

“Tripp. That’s who you came with, right? I’ve only scened with him once, but he’s been around long enough to know how I play.”

“He’s nineteen,” Harry said turgidly, his semi-flirtatious smile gone. “How long has he been around, exactly?”

“Whoa, there.” Cash held up his hands to disavow whatever Harry was accusing him of. “The club I belong to cards people. He wouldn’t have been in there unless he was of age, and as long as he’s legally an adult, his exact age is none of my business. How old are you?”

“Do I look like a teenager?”

“I’m not the one who started with the accusations. Tripp can vouch for me. Who’s vouching for you?”

Harry fiddled with the collar he held in his lap, then looked up with more conciliatory eyes. “I’ll trade you IDs.”

Cash chucked. Whatever. He was an open book. He took out his wallet and flashed his driver’s license. The picture had only been taken a couple of years ago, but he looked like a frat boy in it. Despite his size, he gave off zero scary vibes. It was one of the reasons he had trouble attracting and keeping play partners, though not the only one.

Harry leaned forward to peer at the license, getting close enough that Cash could pick up on his cologne—something rich and masculine with a heavy musk component. The scent matched his carriage. Cash took a deep inhale and tried not to hope too hard that the two of them could negotiate a scene. If he wasn’t the right top for Harry, then he had no business scening with him, but man, he hoped he could be the right top.

About the Author

Tanya is an avid rock climber, a long-distance runner, and a participant in her local community theater where she has tackled most roles, including playwright, actor, director, producer, and stage manager. Her travels, both for climbing trips and for cultural exploration, have brought her to places as fascinating as Egypt and as beautiful as the Dolomites, though there's no place like home.
Twitter: @tanyachrs



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 My review: 

★★★★☆ (4,5)

I couldn't wait to start this book after reading the free short story in this universe! I just love how Tanya writes BDSM and I missed the longer books, so here we are, we have a new series with BDSM elements and with awesome characters. 

I loved reading the book, both the romance and erotica were really hot and well written. The investigation scenes were interesting too and while I don't read much suspense I really enjoyed this. It wasn't too much, just the perfect amount. And the whole kidnapping/ sex slaves auction was so interesting and deep, it makes you question everything. Were they really kindapped or they were happy that someone wanted them? It's crazy.

The BDSM part of the story was so, so good. A service dom who get off on his partner enjoyement? Sign me up for more! It was so hot! And every scenes between Harrison and Cash was so well written and so emotional. And hot, of course! How hot, jesus! 

Loved every minute of the story, and I loved the other characters too. I'm so excited about the other two books, I can't wait to see them fall in love and how they manage. Ahh, this series is going to be a hell of a good one! So exciting!

~ Anything Goes by Chara Croft ~


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