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Sunday, January 23, 2022

~ Secrets & Promises by Taylor J Gray ~

Author: Taylor J Gray
Title: Secrets & Promises
Series: - between the Isaac and the Streetboys series -
Pages: 273
Release date: 2021 July 30
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Rating: ★★★★★



Secrets and Promises is a crossover book from the Isaac Series to the Streetboys series. It depicts scenes of MM sex, BDSM, prostitution and talks about self-harm and rape.

Waking up with his Master should be the best beginning to any day but it gets off to a bad start. From then on, Isaac finds himself working hard to make amends, so he can join Layton on his visit to the alley where he once lived.

Before he can catch his breath, he finds himself involved in a secret and makes a promise…but then come the consequences…

My review: 

I was over the moon when I finally started reading this book. I mean, I thought we already said goodbye to Isaac and Layton, but no! Yeeessssss. 

This book is the bridge between the Isaac series and the Streetboys series. We met familiar character and we got introduced a few new ones. Looooved Isaac and Layton and it was exciting to see them on the street. 

It is a slowly paced story without romance or erotica elements, the main centre is Leo and Joe and how can Isaac handle being on a vanilla street. 

I really enjoyed reading it but it was mostly thanks to Layton and Isaac. But I'm really curious about Leo and Joe too, so let's get into the Streetboys series too...


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