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Wednesday, January 15, 2020



Book Title: Hold Me Up (Chasing Gold Book 1)

Author: Colette Davison

Publisher: Independently Published

Cover Artist: Colette Davison

Release Date: January 29, 2020

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Second chance, sports, slow burn, hurt/comfort

Themes: Forgiveness, trusting others, dedication, self-care

Heat Rating: 2 - 3 flames

Length: 68 500 words

It is a standalone story.


Can second chance love survive past trauma?

Reece has one goal: to compete in the Olympic Games. With the gymnastics World Championships looming, his dream is one step closer to becoming a reality.

When his childhood sweetheart, Alex, walks back into his life unexpectedly, Reece’s world is turned upside down. Alex was the boy who inexplicably pushed him away and broke his heart; the boy he still loves.

When the truth behind their break-up is revealed, Reece wants to hold Alex up and give him the strength to heal.

But can Reece be Alex’s rock, and remain focused on his training, or will his Olympic dreams suffer in the process?

Hold Me Up is a MM second chance romance, with a slow-burn relationship and lots of hurt/comfort. It’s the first in a series of books that follows male artistic gymnasts as they chase gold.

Trigger warnings: Hold Me Up features a character who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks due to a past event that is briefly described.


“What the fuck are you doing here, Alex?” Reece demanded, not even trying to hide the anger in his tone. He couldn’t miss the fact that Alex flinched, and he felt a pinch of guilt.

“Writing an article.” Alex’s eyes were wide and imploring, in a ‘can we just get this over with?’ kind of way.

Reece sat down at one of the tables. “Go on then, ask your questions.”

Alex grimaced as he sat down at the next table along. “How have you been?”

Reece rolled his eyes. “You’re not here to chit chat.” God he was being an arse and he knew it, but he wasn’t sure what else Alex expected from him.

“Sorry.” Alex stared down at the table for several seconds, his fierce stare reminding Reece of the night Alex had ended not only their relationship, but their friendship, too.

After a while, Alex opened the small rucksack he’d brought with him and pulled out an electronic recorder, a notepad and pen.

“Do you mind if I record our conversation?”

“Go for it.”

Alex touched his finger to the on button, but didn’t press it. His mouth quivered, as though he wanted to say something, but either couldn’t find the words or the courage. An urge to bundle him up into his arms struck Reece, and it was all he could do not to stand up and do exactly that. He had no right to embrace Alex, and doubted the guy would appreciate it if he did.

“Are you going to ask me questions, or what?” he asked instead, painfully aware of the gruffness in his voice.

“I’m sorry for surprising you,” Alex said at last.

Reece stiffened. What he’d really wanted to hear was an apology for the way Alex had treated him four years ago, but obviously that was far too much to ask. “Just get on with it,” he growled.

Alex glanced around the room. “This place hasn’t changed.”

“It’s had a lick of paint.”

Alex nodded. “There’s some new equipment in the gym.”

“It’s been four years, Alex, the equipment needed updating.”

Alex’s jaw flexed.

“I’m really not interested in small talk,” Reece said. “You made it quite clear four years ago that you wanted nothing more to do with me, so stop sitting there pretending to be nice.”

“I—” Alex clamped his mouth shut and looked at the floor. He grasped the pen and began to tap it against the closed notepad, the fast sound was incessant and loud in the empty room. With his other hand, he turned the recorder on and pushed it across the table, closer to Reece, before flipping the pad open. “How did it feel to be selected to compete in the World Championships?”

Reece narrowed his eyes. He’d heard that frosty, not-quite-neutral tone before and it made his skin crawl. “Like a dream come true,” he muttered. “But it’s just one step towards my real goal.”

For the first time, Alex lifted his gaze to meet Reece’s stare. “Your real goal?” he echoed.

Reece resisted the temptation to snap out a sarcastic comment about how Alex must have known what that was. “The Olympics.”


About the Author 

Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually led to a fairytale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England with her husband, two beautiful children and her writing.


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~ His Fake Prison Daddy ~


Book Title: His Fake Prison Daddy

Author: Thursday Euclid and Clancy Nacht

Publisher: Eine Kleine Press

Cover Artist: Clancy Nacht

Release Date: January 15, 2020

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Forced Intimacy/prison

Themes: Opposites attract

Heat Rating: 4 flames 

Length: 62 000 words/ 249 pages

It is a standalone story.


Buy Links - Available in Kindle Unlimited

Beauty and the Beast, but with more daddy issues and violence.


When eighteen-year-old hacker Elias Stuyvesant ends up in a maximum security state prison, he's woefully unprepared despite his time in juvie. On day one, he's thrown in with a man known as the Santa Fe Slayer, Ambrose Hughes.

Hughes is quiet, disfigured, and weirdly urbane. Elias was so young when Hughes committed his crimes that he has only the faintest idea what Hughes is in for. However, Hughes makes clear that Elias is his ideal victim type...and there's no one to protect Elias from the much larger man with his prison-jacked body and that hard gleam in his dark eyes.

Whoever paired them has it in for Elias; that much is obvious.

Elias is terrified of Hughes, but he soon realizes the other prisoners are worse. If Elias is going to survive, he'll have to choose the lesser of the evils: To preserve himself, he'll need Hughes for his Daddy. And given Hughes's skewed morality, they'll have to fake it till they make it.


Then the guard exhaled and stopped outside a heavily reinforced door set in a wall of solid concrete. It looked nothing like the cell blocks they’d passed earlier, with their steel bars or Plexiglas, open to the guards’ gazes and Elias’s curiosity.

“This is…” Elias searched the guard’s face for clues, unable to finish articulating his question.

“Yeah, this is it. You’re in with—” The guard licked his lips with what looked like legit nervousness. “Ambrose Hughes.”

Elias blinked at him, not grasping the gravity invested in that name. Who the hell was that?

The guard looked at Elias with visible pity. “The Santa Fe Slayer.”



Shit shit shit.

The Santa Fe Slayer was fucking crazy. Not that Elias knew precisely what Hughes had done beyond killing people, but if he’d been active in most other states, he’d be on Death Row. But motherfucking New Mexico abolished the death penalty, so Hughes was just waiting to die in prison, no hope of parole.

Which meant, Elias quickly grasped, that he really had nothing motivating him to behave. What was one more murder to him?

He was already serving like twelve consecutive life sentences. Was he one of those who ate people?

Elias didn’t have time to collect his wits or steel his bladder before the guard knocked politely at the door and then unlocked it, pushing it open to reveal a windowless room thick with shadow. It was somehow even smaller than Elias had expected, with nothing to look at but a sink, a toilet, a little shelf built into the wall currently stocked with what looked like battered novels, and a bunk against the far wall, its bottom bed stripped bare, waiting for the bedding Elias carried. It took him a moment to realize the big shadow up by the ceiling was his cellmate.

Hughes stretched languidly and started to slide off the top bunk with the predatory air of a panther. “Garcia, sweet man, who have you brought to visit me?”

“New cellmate.” The guard—Garcia?—stepped back through the door and quickly removed Elias’s cuffs before shoving him forward toward the Santa Fe Slayer’s approach.

Elias looked desperately back at the guard as the thick steel door clicked shut. It beeped as it locked. A small, barred hole at eye level revealed that Garcia had already turned away.

“Hughes,” the man said, his voice pleasantly deep and drawling but edged with something unpredictable. Excitable. “Welcome to Hell.”

Elias clutched the bedding to his chest as if it might ward off attack, or maybe just because he needed to hold something.

This was why Edward Snowden ran. The government clearly sent Elias here to be murderated. Well, if he was lucky, he’d be murdered before this dude started to eat him.

Though he wasn’t even conscious of moving backwards, his heels hit the closed door behind him, leaving him nowhere to run.

In some ways, it reminded Elias of his first day in juvie, when he’d been so terrified, but at least then he was of comparable size and flexible enough sexuality to avoid becoming a target.

Taking a deep breath, Elias tried to collect himself, put on a brave face, and lifted his chin proudly. “Do you prefer being called Hughes? I mean, if it was me, I’d want to be called Slayer. Or Hannibal or something. Not that you probably need a badass nickname, I guess.”

Rambling. Fuck.

Awkward since the man just kept watching him, Elias gathered his bedding in his left arm and offered his hand to shake. “I’m Elias or Stuyvesant, or, you know… whatever.”

Hughes stared at him, dark eyes glinting dangerously in the low light. Something was wrong with his face, though it was hard to tell with how dim it was, but the texture was wrong, too reflective, scarred. He cocked his head to the side and said, “Maybe I’ll call you Bitch. Do you answer to that?”

He didn’t take Elias’s hand. He just stood there, looming, radiating amused malice.

“Um, well, I guess I could, but… um…” Great. So they were already going there. He was being fed to this Freddy Krueger motherfucker and there wasn’t a lot he could do about it. “I mean, this is prison. Won’t there already be a lot of people responding to that name? Wouldn’t want to step on any toes or cause confusion.”

What am I saying?

On the bright side, if he pissed this guy off, he might die quick.

In the silence, Elias was aware of Hughes’s shoulders shaking as his breathing turned choppy. Then, with mingled relief and horror, he realized Hughes was laughing at him.

With him?

At him.

“Stuyvesant then. No one else will carry that moniker surely.”

My review: 

This was the second chance I gave this author duo, but I think it was the last. They're simply just isn't for me. I couldn't like the story, the characters are empty and the whole prison thing was just boring. 

If I've wrote this review a few days ago, I'd say something different about this 'love in the prison' plot, but I did read another book in this theme and that was SUPER GOOD - so now I have a really other point of view about this. 
Love can happen in prison, and it can be really good - if the author is awesome and write a good story about it. His Fake Prison Daddy wasn't this category. As I said both character were empty, and the thing that Hughes was a slayer but Elias wasn't afraid of him and put his life in this one's hand... I didn't know who was stupidest, the characters or I, who kept reading this story in the hope of something good.

The mistery around Elias's staying at prison was soooo boring and so dumb. And the ending... really. I have my answer; everyone at the prison was stupid and blind, because that ending - if I read a fairy tale and not a prison romance. 

The book has some cute moments, some good erotica, but mostly it was just boring. I'm sad because I wanted to love this book.

About the Authors 

Thursday Euclid

Thursday Euclid (he/him) is the m/m romance pen name of Rainbow Award winning author Will Craig, a thirtysomething disabled, fat, white, queer trans man from Houston, TX. For those who care, he is an Aquarius, and if you’ve met him, you probably can’t imagine him being anything else.

Proud da to two incredible queer, nonbinary kids aged 16 and 18 and honorary da to a 17-year-old black trans girl, Thursday spends a lot of time cooking vegetarian food in his Instant Pot while listening to Radiohead and dishing out advice and hugs to the younglings. Many of those scorching sex scenes were written or edited while obnoxiously loud teenagers danced to BTS in the living room.

When he’s not playing World of Warcraft with his handsome trans boyfriend, he’s probably watching horror movies or talking to his best friend and frequent collaborator Clancy Nacht. 

Author Links

Clancy Nacht

Clancy Nacht is a bisexual genderqueer person who lives in Austin. Clancy has published several bestselling romances. Many of her books have been honored with Rainbow Awards; Le Jazz Hot won for Best Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance. In 2013, Black Gold: Double Black was a runner-up for a Rainbow Award. In 2015, Gemini won an Honorable Mention for Gay Erotic Romance and in 2016, Strange Times won an Honorable Mention for Science Fiction. Wyatt’s Recipes for Wooing Rock Stars was a finalist in the highly competitive William Neale Award for Best Gay Contemporary Romance. The Phisher King won second place in the Rainbow Award for Romantic Suspense, 16th for Gay Book of the Year.

Author Links




Sunday, January 05, 2020


Hello you all, and Happy New Year to everyone! 

Here we are at the beginning of 2020, and at the end of 2019, so I analyzed my last year in books. 

2019 was a really good year for me, my blog turned 1 year old *YAY*, I found many new authors, listened to more audiobooks, and just read many amazing books. So let's see what my 2019 looked like.

Monthly favorite reads - I'm glad I picked them at the end of each month, because now I couldn't choose one so easily.

Open Mind – Luna David, Morningstar Ashley
audio: The Princesse, The Prick and the Priest – Ella Frank, Charlie David

Halo – Ella Frank, Brooke Blaine
audio: Love Me Whole – Nicky James, Adam Gold

You Will Bow Down- Nicholas Bella
audio: Teacher Wanted- Susi Hawke, Piper Scott, Nick J. Russo

If We Could Go Back – Cara Dee

Return- Rowan Shaw
audio: Viper – Ella Frank, Brooke Blaine, Charlie David

Heal With You – Nicky James
audio: Top Secret – Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen, Christian Fox, Teddy Hamilton

Under His Heel – Adara Wolf
audio: Circle of Trust – Aimee Nicole Walker, Nicholas Bella, Joel Leslie

Future Ex-Enemy- Kate Hawthorne, EM Denning
audio: Bond- Piper Scott, Lynn Van Dorn, Michael Ferraiuolo

Secrets & Lies – Nicky James
audio: Owl’s Slumber – Nicky James, Adam Gold

A Thousand Lifetimes – Kate Hawthorne
Lil Harvest- Meraki P. Dark

A Pebble for Lewis- Amy Bellows
A Very Merry Krewmas- Nicky James
audio: The Weight of it All – N. R. Walker , Joel Leslie

What Works For Us – Colette Davison
Rebound- Rowan Shaw
audio: For Real – Alexis Hall, Paul Berton, John Hartley

Best book of the first half of the year : 

Heal With You - Nicky James

Best book of the second half of the year:

Secrets & Lies - Nicky James

Best author of 2019:
Nicky James

Best series of 2019:

Under His Heel - Adara Wolf

Best narrator of 2019:

Michael Ferraiuolo

Best shifters of 2019:

A Pebble for Lewis - Amy Bellows

Penguin/Polar Bear shifters

Biggest surprise of 2019:

A Thousand Lifetimes - Kate Hawthorne

Favorite new authors I found: 


I read 220 books (170 ARC. 20 novella, 30 picked by me) listened to 30 audiobooks.

Found new authors: Sloane Kennedy, Jacki North, Rowan Shaw, Meraki P. Dark, Adrienne Wilder, Amy Bellows, Adara Wolf, E.M. Lindsey, Meg Harding, Nero Seal, J.I. Davenport, K. A. Merikan, Kora Knight, J.P. Sayle

Went to London to RARE19 and met some amazing authors - bought 30 books from them. 

My biggest dream came true - celebrated my birthday in Paris. And a BIG THANK YOU to Rowan Shaw, who helped me organize my trip and gave me tips for traveling in Paris. ♥

Started reading the Temptation series and finally met Logan and Tate! Holy hell, I love those two!

I got nominated in two categories - favorite blog ; reader who always has the best book recs to share 
I was far from winning in either category, but the nomination was the best prize to me, so thank you!

I'm very thankful for this last year because I met so many amazing people on the internet because of books. Authors and readers too. But mostly authors, because I'm still an introvert, but when it comes to authors, I don't english is like I speak and use this language full time and my anxiety is non existent. 

Thank you for those who gave me ARC copies and thank you for those who's reading my reviews.

Darker themes are still my favorite. And daddy kink (with or without age-play). Menage. Teacher/student. BDSM. Taboo. Shifters. Mpreg.
And loooove the cute ones too so basically anything.

I have only two categories I don't like as much - cowboys and historical. I read books in both themes, but not my cup of tea. 

Thank you for reading and authors, thank you for writing! 

Can't wait to see what 2020 will bring.

Friday, January 03, 2020

~ A Fluid State ~ BLOG TOUR


Book Title: A Fluid State

Author: Rob Browatzke

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza

Release Date: January 3, 2020

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Gay for You/Out for You

Heat Rating: 5 flames 

Length: 70 000 words/272 pages

It is a standalone book.

Buy Links

Patrick and Andrew find themselves faced with a chemistry they cannot deny


Patrick returns from a tour of duty to find his son very different. Peter is dressing in girl's clothes, and his hair is too long, and he's obsessed with drag queens. None of that sits well with Patrick. Patrick then meets the drag queen Ann Moore, and starts to hang out with them.

Andrew is one of River City's best drag queens. As Ann Moore, he dazzles adults and children alike. When one of those children's fathers wants to find out more about what his son is enjoying, Andrew is happy to guide him. It doesn't hurt that Patrick is ridiculously hot. Hot and straight though.

The friendship that forms is unlikely, and even more unlikely, Patrick and Andrew find themselves faced with a chemistry they cannot deny.

My review:

First read of the new year, and what an awesome first read it was! 

This author is new to me, so it's always a bit risky to read from a new-to-me author, but it was a good experience. This book was so good, I loved every page of it. 

The characters were lovely and uique, I loved Andrew and his drag, Ann too. Loved Patrick and how open minden and cool was. Loved the relationship between Patrick and his son, Peter. Peter was a cool kid and loved his character too! But the best, the friendship, the attraction, the horniness and the LOVE between Patrick and Andrew. 

Such a good love story. And what an amazing road was what Patrick took- from a straight army guy to this awesomness. LOVED LOVED LOVED it so much! 

The chemistry was so good, I couldn't wait them to be together, and OMG the sex scene was super hot! 

This book is a really good one. I am so happy that I picked this to read. Amazing story with cute love and romantic scenes. Just perfect. 

HIGHLY recommend this!


“So,” Andrew said, when they were relocated back to the couch, sitting facing each other, beers in hand.


“First off, let me, well, set you straight on something. Kent and I aren’t dating, so don’t feel bad about that.”

“Good,” Patrick said. “I’d hate to have some gay guy come at me for hitting on his boyfriend.”

“Is that what it was? You hitting on me?”

Patrick looked away. “Honestly, I don’t know.”

“Well, what’s going on in that head of yours?”

“You,” he said. “You’re going on in my head. You and only you. Ever since we met. I thought it was all about Peter, but no, it’s about me. You’ve gotten under my skin, Andrew, and I don’t know how to get you out of me.” Their eyes locked. “And honestly, I’m not sure I want you gone.”

“But you’re straight.”

“I’ve always thought that. I’ve never been attracted to a guy before this.”

“Never? Not even in school? Some guys experiment, you know.”

“Never. I’ve looked back and there’s never been anything to make me think I’d ever be into a guy.”

“So you’re into me?”

Patrick’s face turned pink and he looked away. “I don’t know. Yes. Yes, I am.” He swallowed hard and looked back at Andrew. “Look, I know this is out of the blue, and I know what you said at the pool, and-”

“What did I say at the pool?”

“That, you know, that you’re not attracted to me.”

It was Andrew’s turn to blush and look away. “Well, since you’re being honest, I guess I should be too. Patrick, of course I’m attracted to you. You... well, look at you. I just said that to set your mind at ease. I was enjoying hanging out. I am enjoying it. I didn’t want you to freak out thinking I found you attractive or worried that I was going to try to jump you.”

“And it ended up being me that jumped at you.”

Andrew looked at him and grinned. “Seems that way.”



“Here we are then, both attracted to each other. What do we do now?”

About the Author 

Rob Browatzke has been writing for as long as he can remember, and is pretty darn excited for someone else to be reading his stuff finally! When it comes to gay bars and booze and drugs and drama, he knows what he's talking about. He came out in the mid-90s, and liquor and drama went hand in hand. He has 20+ years of experience working in gay clubs in Edmonton, Alberta, and you’ll always find his love for his other career permeating the stories he tells. Rob is now 9+ years clean and sober, although there's still a bit of drama once in a while, for old times' sake. 

Rob loves the growing market for gay fiction and m/m romance. There are some incredible authors out there, and it's important to be able to see in print (or on the screen) stories about people just like us. Coming out, our relationships, the issues we face, we all have stories to tell. And this book is just one of the stories coming out of Wonderland. 

Feel free to stalk him online. He’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @robbrowatzke.

Author Links