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Tuesday, November 02, 2021

~ A Spoonful of Sugar by AE Lister ~


Author: AE Lister
Title: A Spoonful of Sugar - We Three Kings Christmas Story
Series: Sequel to Skeletal Equation, not a standalone
Pages: 129
Release date: 2021 December 7
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Rating: ★★★★★


A kinky interlude over the holidays brings three men closer as their unconventional relationship evolves from casual to serious.

Scott Vernier met Jericho Griffin and Pascal Olejatz at a Halloween party in October and soon became casually involved with the kinky, committed pair.

Over the course of the holidays, the men struggle to find time together outside their busy schedules and finally make space for each other over Christmas week. Scott finds himself craving more of a committed relationship with these wonderful men and tiptoes around the issue to find out if Jericho and Pascal feel the same.

Scott’s dreams of expertly delivered medical play already a vivid reality, the men introduce him to more deliciously subversive scenes including teacher-student roleplay and invite him to dabble with imaginary non-consent.

My review: 

Oh effing yes! We are back with the doctor setup and with these three kinky men. How wonderfully delicious this story is, come onnn!

I love Scott, Jericho and Pascal and I loooove their kinky shenanigans so much. Medical kink spiced with a professor/student setting? Oh and don't forget the puppy play!

I loved the Christmas setting and just about everything about this yummy book. 

Highly recommend it, but read its prequel first, Skeletal Equation. Can't wait to see more of them.

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