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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

~ A Dance For Two ~ audiobook🎵


Book Title: A Dance For Two

Author: Colette Davison

Publisher: Colette Davison/Independently published

Narrator: Neil MacFarlane

Release Date: December 6, 2018

Genre/s: Romance, LGBT

Heat Rating: 4 flames 

Length: 5 hours 33 minutes

The story stands-alone, but has a loosely linked sequel. An audiobook is in production for that.

A Dance For Two is a stepbrother romance with 'plenty of angst, love, attraction, lust and finally a HEA ending.'


Adam and Luc used to be close. At least they were before Luc distanced himself from Adam at fourteen, then eventually left home. Adam never got over the sting of betrayal, or the loss of his one-time best friend.

When Luc is invited back home to help get his parents’ failing dance school back on track, Adam isn’t sure he can cope with having his stepbrother back in his life. Especially when he discovers Luc’s decade old secret.

Luc left home because he was sure no one would understand that he had fallen in love with his stepbrother.

Convinced that the years of distance he has put between them will have erased his desire, Luc doesn’t hesitate to return home to help the business that means everything to his parents. Confronted by Adam once more, Luc’s past feelings re-awaken. But will revealing his true feelings to Adam heal the rift between them, or drive them even further apart?

***This novel contains explicit language and sex scenes between step-brothers***

My review: 

I am still counting myself as a newbie when it comes to audiobooks, but i love listening to stories i loved reading. But this was definitely a new experience to me, because i was reading and listening to it at the same time, and it was good! 
The book and the story was super, i love brother/stepbrother love, the forbidden love is always precious. This was my first book from the author, but if the other books are as good as this was, i am totally going to read more from her!
Luc and Adam were both great characters and i loved the dancing scenes, and i was so happy that it were so many dancing scenes!!! I hate it when only a few is there when a book is ABOUT the dancing. Everything was good, and i loved Adam's struggling about Luc and the love what he felt, what both guy felt. They were cute together :)
The audiobook was great too, but this wasn't my favorite audiobook. At the beginning everything was good and i thought this is a good one, but after i thought about the other books i was listening to, this one was different. The worst was that the two MC, Luc and Adam was speaking in the same voice, and I couldn't distinguish them. And thank God i was reading while listening because it was way better that way. 
The narrator was good, the voice is great, but Luc and Adam has to be different voices. 

I'm gonna say the book is a 4,5* read, and the audiobook is 4*. I loved reading and listening to it, and after 3 week without reading anything at all, this was the one that i needed the most. 

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About the Author 

Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually led to a fairytale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England with her husband, two beautiful children and her writing.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Best Reads of 2018

This list is ... OMG! I read 252 book in 2018. I have never, ever read so many! 150 was my best, so this year was totally insane! But awww i read so many good books, like every book I read was perfect! Not kidding, i hardly read book i didn't like and it was a surprise to me too.

First i thought i chose 10 books from my reading list... then i thought i make a month list and chose 1 book in every month and then i'll have 12 favorite... LOLOLOLOL! It was harder then i thought, so here it is, my list... and no, it's not 12... and not 20 either LOL but who cares?! I make my own rules, i chose as many favorite as i want. ;)

Favorite books of 2018, monthly list made by Szidi - Reading under the Rainbow

Tillie Cole - A Thousand boy kisses
Kele Moon - Beyond Eden
Suanne Laqueur - Venery 1-2

Alexis Hall - For Real
M. A. Innes: Strength 1-2 (and the other books by Shaw M. ;) )


Ella Frank - Robbie
Nicholas Bella - New Haven
Kate Hawthorne, EM Denning - Irreplaceable 

Kate Hawthore - The Colors Between Us 


M. A. Innes - The Accidental Master
Rosalind Abel - The Palisade
Jo Raven - Jagged Edge 


Katze Snow - Conflicted
Tillie Cole - A Wish for Us
Ella Frank - Julien
Nicky James - Love Me Whole 


Nicholas Bella – Aimee Nicole Walker: Circle of Darkness
Kate Hawthorne - Until You Say Otherwise, His Kind of Love, Love Comes After
Nicky James: Shades of Darkness 


Nicholas Bella - Demon Gate
Kate Hawthorne - Worth the Risk
Ella Frank - Priest
Nicholas Bella - Theoden
Nicky James - Sinfully Mine
Marie Sexton - One Man's Trash
Nicholas Bella - Cobra
Leta Blake – Indra Vaughn: Vespertine
EM Denning - Half as Much 

September :

Leta Blake: Any Given Lifetime
Piper Scott – Susie Hawke: Daddy Wanted 


Kate Hawthorne: Worth the Wait
Piper Scott – Virginia Kelly: Clutch
Nicky James - Touch of Love
Luna David - Let Me In
Andy James - Lila Wilde : Teddy and His Bear 

November :

Kate Hawthorne, EM Denning - Future Fake Husband
Piper Scott - Virginia Kelly: Bond
Rowan Porter - Marked by Love 


Nicky James - The Christmas I Know
Kate Hawthorne - Worth the Fight

After this list i want to make one thing clear; i found my 2 BEST AUTHOR EVER. If it wasn't clear enough, i'm speaking about Kate Hawthorne and Nicholas Bella. If i'm honest and choese only a few books of my favorite list, those books will be the perfect of the most perfect books ever. Every book that Kate and Nicholas writes are AMAZING! I could read them over and over again, and listen to the audiobooks 7/24. 
And if this isn't enough, i tattoed NB's character 'Theoden' on my arm - this is how much i LOVE him! 

And if we are all here i want to say thank you to all of you who are here and read me. I wanted to write a blog like forever but i was afraid, but now i can say only one thing, this was the best decision of the last year! 
I love 'Reading under the Rainbow' and i love finding new authors and new books. I love reading outside my comfort zone, and the books in 2018 was totally out of it! 
I have read my first ABDL by accident and i totally loved it! I have read my first mpreg book and i was fascinated by it! I have read my very first shifter and A/B/O with and without mpreg. I have read brocest, twincest, fetish books (lingerie), hard BDSM... and so many yummy things! And i fell in love with every book and every new trope i found! Especially the Daddy-kink, with or without age-play.

2018 was a really good year for me. I went to London and Rome, both RARE (Romance Author and Reader Event)and i met some of my favorite authors like Tille Cole, Colleen Hoover, Kele Moon, Cara Dee, Alexa Riley, Elle Kennedy and more... :) 

I hope 2019 will be as good as 2018 was or even better. Give me all the m/m books and the kinkier the better ;)