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Monday, May 10, 2021

~ Flesh & Blood by Adara Wolf ~


Author: Adara Wolf
Title: Flesh & Blood
Pages: 326
Release date: 
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Rating: ★★★★★


For the past three decades, the tyrant king has ruled with an iron fist, killing all dissenters and feeding their flesh to his demonic son.

Prince Suraj upholds his father's rule by devouring anybody who stands in the way. He has no purpose in life beyond serving his father.

Madhava fights to overthrow their sadistic rule. His quest for freedom and justice is the only thing that keeps him from following his dark urges down a bloody path.

When Madhava captures Suraj, he's faced with a choice: kill him--or attempt to win him over to his side. The fire between them is irresistible. Consuming. But trying to bring out the best in Suraj might bring out the monster in Madhava.

NOTE: This m/m dark fantasy novel deals with dark themes and features graphic violence. Read at your own discretion.

My review: 

"None of this should have been arousing. He was in the enemy’s lair, with a flesh-eating demon on top of him."



I can't think straight. All the fucking stars for this phenomenal book. I'm not kidding, there aren't enough star to give to this book. I have no words to describe my feelings, words aren't enough. 

I don't know what it says about me that I loved this story this much, but holy hell, it is brilliant! I knew that it has flesh eating in it, but I wasn't prepared to all of that. I thought we go slowly introduced to those scenes, but no. Starting scene, full on everything! I didn't know what to do, I read it with one eye closed - it was like seeing a train wreck. You want to see but you don't want to see. But at the end, I so wanted to see!

And the best?! It wasn't only that one scene, and I was so happy about it. (still don't know if it's healthy that I loved reading about flesh eating?! lol) And the romance, oh god, the romance! I just love how Adara Wolf writes dark stuff and still full with sweet romance. I can't with this book. 

I can't remember the last time a book was this awesome. It was weeks or months ago. This book has ruined me, it's perfect and I want more. 

Madhava and Suraj were both amazing characters and I loved how strong they were. Very different personalities in two very different 'world', but somehow they found each other and fell in love. Loved how easy and almost submissive Suraj was to Madhava while he was the Prince and he would have to be the dominant one. Loved that they were in their own bubble a bit, but when the real world came to them, they fought together against it.

Ravi and Kalyan were two very interesting characters and I really loved them, their relationship was really sweet and powerful. And that's what I love in Adara's book, that every relationship she writes is both dark and sweet and both character are powerful, and together, just wow. Loved Ravi and Kalyan's scenes (but I won't spoiler more about them). 

Amazing story, well written characters, emotional scenes, dark and twisted, and it's really not for everyone. But when you're over on the first shock and the flesh eating stuff, you will enjoy and love this book just as I did. 

Congratulations for the author for writing this unique book. Brilliant. I need more!

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  1. I was already interested on read it but I guess I should push it up on my tbr.