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Saturday, September 07, 2019

~ The Rutledge Brother series ~

Author: Piper Scott
Title: Love Me
Series: Rutledge Brothers 1
Pages: 99
Release date: 2019 September 6
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Rating: ★★★★☆


Trust no one. It’s a lesson Seth Cooper lives by. So why is it that when he meets Tad Rutledge, all he wants is to be wrapped in his strong arms and forget about the world?
It’s insanity and Seth knows it—every second he’s not on guard is a second he’s at risk—but the kindness in Tad’s eyes makes him want to believe happiness is possible.
Only the truth is far more complex.

Author: Piper Scott
Title: Save Me
Series: Rutledge Brothers 2
Pages: 86
Release date: 2019 September 13
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Rating: ★★★★☆


Serve your purpose. It’s the code by which Elijah McMillan lives and breathes. There is no alternative. He was born to service other men, and he does so with pride.
At least until his irresistible brainiac of a counselor Silas Rutledge comes along and tells him he can’t.
That it’s wrong.
That he’s “worth more.”
As if.
Only the more Silas talks, the more Elijah starts to think that it might be true—that he’s someone of value instead of a toy made for better men.
That maybe he can be saved.

Elijah McMillan doesn’t want to be fixed, but his case is one Silas Rutledge refuses to give up. With his sharp mind, quick wit, and stunning good looks, he has the potential to do anything.
If only he’d let Silas help.
For every step forward, Elijah bounds three paces back, and one of these days when he jumps, Silas is sure he’ll come tumbling into his arms. All he can do is hope that when it happens, he’ll have the strength to turn him down.
He can’t fall for his patient.
Not now. Not ever.
No matter how badly he wants to.

Author: Piper Scott
Title: Keep Me
Series: Rutledge Brothers 3
Pages: 84
Release date: 2019 September 20
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Rating: ★★★★☆


For here or to go? It’s a question Nathaniel O’Toole asks every day while working in his uncle’s pie shop. But when Harrison Rutledge walks through the front door, Nathaniel can’t help but imagine a third option—forever.
Not that it’s possible, of course.
Even if a guy as attractive as Harrison wanted him, Nathaniel’s duty is with his uncle’s business. Ever since his older brother disappeared, he’s done his best to keep what little family he has left together.
He can’t let a man interfere.
At least, not until the impossible happens and Nathaniel’s brother comes home.

Nathaniel O’Toole is the sweetest thing in Pie Five bakery, and Harrison Rutledge can’t help but want a taste. When he leaves his number, he hopes Nathaniel will call to ask him out, but when he finally gets in touch, it’s for business—his brother needs help.
And so might Harrison if he can’t get Nathaniel out of his head.

My review: 

I loved these books, they were really cute, but I missed more mpreg and more erotica. But they were short and it's good that there weren't full on sex on every page, just on the last few pages - with the mpreg theme too. 

Love Me - I loved the characters and their backstory, the whole White Lotus thing was good - I mean, not good obv. but you know what I mean. Tad was super cute and passionate, I loved how he handled everything and how sweet their relationship became. Seth was a strong character, I wanted read more about him. The story was good and I loved reading it.

Save Me - It was slower then the first book, but still good! I love the saving/hero theme, and it was cute, but really really slow. The relationship was amazing between Silas and Elijah, they both changed into something better for each other and they found the way to forever. 

Keep Me - This was the slowest from the series and it was the less good too. Don't get me wrong, it was still good and liked reading it, but it was a bit boring and too slow. I liked Nathaniel but his brother not so much. Harrison was good too, but I think Nathaniel's brother stole all the good things from the story. Harrison and Nathaniel were cute together, but their love was really insta, and I'm not always into this kind of thing. 

I loved that all three alpha Rutledge men were strong and didn't hurried into the heat sex when the omega gone into it. But at the same time it was frustrating to me too. All books are the same when it comes to omega heat - full on steamy sex and knotting and then the pregnancy. But not in this series. It was good and not good at the same time too lol. 

I recommend this book is you're new to the mpreg genre, these book are really light and cute. 

Friday, September 06, 2019

Big Summer Reading list ~ 2019

Here comes my reading list from this summer: 


Best audiobook: Top Secret by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy, narrated by Teddy Hamilton & Christian Fox

Best m/m/m : Close to Home by Carly Marie 

Best from a new to me author: Complementary Colors by Adrienne Wilder (the cover is missing from the picture, my bad)

Monthly favorite, best in everything: Heal with You by Nicky James


Best audiobook: hardest choice ever, becuase all 5 audio was AMAZING in this month, but let's say 
Circle of Trust by Nicholas Bella &Aimee Nicole Walker and narrated by Joel Leslie 

Best short story: Open Encounters by Luna David & Morningstar Ashley 

but really, all the short stories in the kinky giveaway was awesome

Cutest read: Upside Down by N.R. Walker

Best wtf moment:
Crucial Lessons by Joseph Lance Tonlet
Best from a new-to-me author: 
Omega from the Ocean by Amy Bellows

Best new author I found and binge read: 
Adara Wolf 

Monthly favorite, best in everything : Under His Heel series by Adara Wolf


Best audiobook: Bond by Piper Scott & Virginia Kelly, narrated by Michael Ferrauiolo 

Cutest read: 
When Two Omegas Dance by Amy Bellows

Best short story: Desperately Seeking by Kate Hawthorne
Best from a new-to-me author: 
Verismo by E.M. Lindsey

Monthly favorite, best in everything: 
Future Ex-Enemy by Kate Hawthorne & EM Denning


And I have to recommend some books that were amazing, but couldn't put them in category to pick a favorite lol.

Sir by N.R. Walker
In The Absence of Light by Adrienne Wilder
Ever After series by Tanya Chris
Him Improvement by Tanya Chris
Saga of The City by the Flowers by Adara Wolf

Thursday, September 05, 2019

~ Saga of the City by the Flowers ~ Series review

Author: Adara Wolf
Title: A Poet, A Prince
Series: City by the Flowers 0,5
Release date: 2018 April 29
Rating: ★★★★★


Prince Ahmiki knows that he’s useless in comparison to his brothers. He refuses to marry, he can’t help with governing, and he doesn’t want to be a priest. All he does is waste time with poetry and song.

Things change after an encounter with a strange young man, and the tragedy that befalls the family soon after.


Author: Adara Wolf
Title: In Life, In Death
Series: City by the Flowers 1
Release date: 2018 April 27
Pages: 111
Rating: ★★★★★
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As a prince, Ahmiki knows that his purpose in life is to serve their city and help its people find prosperity. Until the night that he is named as the living representative of the god Teska’atl, to be sacrificed at the end of the year. Ahmiki has to endure one year of humiliating rituals, unpleasant ceremonies, and a fraught political landscape.

At least he can take some comfort in the handsome and strangely unbowed servant who has been assigned to him…

Author: Adara Wolf
Title: A Coward, A Warrior
Series: Saga of the Flowers 2
Release date: 2018 August 26
Pages: 113
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Rating: ★★★★★


Tekokwa runs. He runs from his past, he runs from his future. He runs from himself.

He runs so far from civilization that he should be the only human around, but instead he finds himself living with Kwaotli, a mysterious young man who is one contradiction upon another. He's a spoiled lordling one moment, a humble weaver the next. He tells stories like nobody Tekokwa has ever known, and yet won't share his own. And above all, his moods swing: from fun and carefree to manic and angry.

Despite everything, Tekokwa can't defend himself against Kwaotli's advances. Kwaotli seems determined force Tekokwa to face himself, to let out the darkness that Tekokwa has tried so hard to suppress all his life.


Author: Adara Wolf
Title: In Pain, In Pleasure
Series: City by the Flowers 3
Release date: 2019 April 6
Pages: 131
Buy it on Amazon
Rating: ★★★★★


Sekwistli’s entire life revolves around sacrifice. He gives his blood to beg for rain, for the harvest, for prosperity. He sacrifices for their once flowering city. He sacrifices for the good of their dying land.

After a night of sacrifice goes too far, he meets a blind healer who attempts to heal him of more than just his physical ills. But sacrifice is ingrained in Sekwistli’s soul.

My review: 

So what should I do next? Because I read all of Adara Wolf's book and I just want more! MORE! 
This series was so good too! It was so different from anything I've ever read and it was really good. All the stories were unique, all the characters awesome and so different from each other. Everyone was lovely, strong and passionate. I loved everyone's story and I need more. 

The name's were unique and hard to remember and to say it out loud. I mean I'm still anxious speaking english in person, but these names... i can't even imagine it saying out loud, lol. But I love unique stories with new names, places, situations.

The endings of each book was new to me. They weren't HEA, but in some ways they were. The first book's ending was so beautiful, i have no words! I loved it so much. That is a real love story. 

The second book's ending was a bit bittersweet, I was so angry. I wanted their HEA so bad. They deserved it more then anyone. The story was still good, but that ending... gaaahhhh.

And in the third book, we got the full circle. We got the ending that started in the first story. The child, the future king. But daaamn, that ending too! I could cry for them. They were so perfect for each other, and i re-thought my earlier decisions after reading the third because they deserved the HEA more then the second pairing. Perfect match in pain and in pleasure. 

I loved all three books, all the characters and their decisions - but sometimes i could punch them in the face because I wanted them to be happy. Every story was unique and amazing. Highly recommend it! And the book's titles! So awesome and perfect! I love perfect book titles♥

And oh, that novella with Ahmiki, that was a good one too. It's a good start to the series. 

READ this series! And read from ADARA WOLF! 

~ Claiming Bite ~

~ Owl's Slumber ~ ♫