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Monday, January 31, 2022

~ Tamed by Kora Knight ~


Cover art by Jay Aheer, Photography by Kevin Hoover
Author: Kora Knight
Title: Tamed
Series: The Courtside King Duology 1 (Upending Tad spin off #2, Breck&Kai)
Pages: 350
Release date: 2022 January 31
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4,5)


When aspirations and passion collide, Breck is thrown onto a playing field he never anticipated.
Unrivaled in college basketball as a point-guard prodigy, Breck Harland has definitely earned his title as King of the Court. All around town, he’s a bona fide celebrity, his reputation with the ladies reinforcing a facade he's determined to protect. No one, not even his best friend, knows he's bi.
Enter Grandmaster Kai Nakado, the one person not impressed by Breck's imperial air.
When Breck signs up for his martial arts class, Kai makes it clear he finds his new student arrogant, impulsive, unfocused. With each exchange, their clashing chemistry intensifies, and Breck finds himself not just angry and frustrated… but inexplicably turned on. A fire that rages even hotter when Kai introduces him to the art of rope bondage, a talent Kai proves even more skilled at than martial arts.
At the hands of this experienced Dom, Breck's tenuous control threatens to slip from his grasp, the things he thought he wanted suddenly not so clear. If he’s not careful, Kai will completely derail him, a risk he can’t afford if he plans to make it to the pros.

Can he stop what’s already in motion, or will Kai tame the unattainable king?

Tamed, book one in the Courtside King Duology. A steamy, slow-burn gay romance that will keep you on the sidelines jonesing for more.

My review:

I've waited 2 years for this book. Kai and Breck are finally here and we are back with the gang. Love the Upending Tad universe and I missed everyone. But I was the most excited about finally Kai and Breck.

Dear reader, get ready, becasue this book is SLOW BURN and I mean so, so slow. Ahh, I normally don't read slow burn romances because I hate the waiting, but there are some authors who are totally worth the read. Don't get me wrong, I was frustrated as hell, becuase neither Kai nor Breck was on their back or legs in the air (LOL), I just wanted to see some action so bad. I enoyed the story, but come on, it was so steamy without being really steamy? Is it possible? They had their clothes on the whole book. They were touchy and HOT, but with clothes on! Okay... Breck in a jockstrap. That. You can count that as naked, hehe. 

I really enjoyed reading the book, but toward the end I was getting a bit angry because I don't have the next book to read! I need them now, I need more Kai and Breck. But most importantly, I need them to have hot sex. Okay, I'm good with an amazing BDSM scene too, because dammmn, Kai with ropes, yummy.

Loved it. 

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