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Thursday, August 05, 2021

~ Kissed by a Killer by Leighton Greene ~


Author: Leighton Greene
Title Kissed by a Killer
Series: Morelli Family 5 (can standalone but better in order)
Pages: 332
Release date: 2021 July 22
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Rating: ★★★★★


It’s my job to protect the Morelli men when the law is after them. But now their most dangerous Capo has killed to protect me.

My law firm has two unbreakable rules.

1. Never get personally involved with a client.

Nick Fontana was only ever supposed to be a booty call, but he’s had me cross-examining my heart since we started hooking up.

2. Never let the Morellis do you a favor.

I can’t stop thinking about his talented hands on my body...but those hands just took the wrong life to save mine.

I helped Nick cover up what he did, because if anyone finds out, it would start a Mob War that could destroy us all.

But someone knows our deadly secret.

I’ve kept my mouth shut. So can I really trust the killer I’ve been kissing?

My review: 


Oh! My! Effing! GOD! 

This book. No words. Not a secret that I LOVE this series so much, and every book is damn unique and exciting, I don't know how Leighton does it, but every book is a masterpiece. When you'd thought you found your favorite book and pair in the series, then comes the next book and you're fcked. How can I love everyone in this series! HOW! 


Nicky (come on, how adorable is this nickname!!!) and Carlo aka Harvard (I can't with these cute nicknames!!!) were amazing in this book. The chemistry between them and those hot as all hell sex scenes! This book was scorching hot, I can't remember the others being this horny, but wow! Loved it!
Both Carlo and Nick were really great characters, their relationship just so lovely and dangerous. It was both mushy and sweet and dangerous and hot. Perfect. 

Oh and Luca! Gosh, I don't know how Nick was this careless and keeping secrets from the Boss , but it was so exciting and interesting. And the ending scene, oh all the suspsense! My heart almost stopped.

Wow! Amazing and a masterpiece, as I said. Highly recommend! Can't wait the next (and last) book in the series. It will be one hell of a ride, saying goodbye to this world and characters. 

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