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Thursday, April 01, 2021

~ A Stanza on Skin by Daniel May ~


Author: Daniel May
Title: A Stanza on Skin
Series: Taste of Ink 4 (not standalone)
Pages: 124
Release date: 2021 March 25
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Rating: ★★★★★


The surprises keep coming. No matter how well prepared he thinks he is, keeping hold of the reins is getting harder and harder.

Trinket has come to terms with his affair. Stepping out on boyfriend Zee has become a habit, and he's gotten over the hump of his initial hesitation. With Zee doubling down on their commitment to each other, apparently oblivious to Trinket's bad behavior, Trinket feels more in control and doesn't hesitate to raise the stakes.

When Zee goes out of town for work, Trinket leaps at the chance to spend a month doing nothing but experimenting with side piece Mini. Far from just his tattoo artist, Mini has grown to almost a confidant. Trinket feels safe with him. Maybe safer than he does with Zee.

However, Mini has his secrets, and an agenda of his own. Trinket finds it difficult to tear himself away from Mini's influence. When Mini ups the ante, and shows Trinket just what it means to be dominated in bed, Trinket has to make his mind up to sink or swim. The waters are getting murkier and murkier, and the lines between drowning and desire have never been more ambiguous.

A Stanza on Skin is the 30k word follow-up to A Guilty Canvas, and the fourth book in the Taste of Ink series. It contains cheaty, kinky sex, and potential triggers. It does not end with a HEA/HFN but leads directly into part five.

My review: 

Wow. Just WOW! 

I tought this book will be the last in the series so imagine the surprise on my face when I saw this is not the last. 

All the books were about Trinket cheating on Zee while in love with him. Trinket with Mini, Trinket with Zee - Trinket with both of them (not at the same time though). This book was purely Mini and Trinket's story, and it was oh so dirty and kinky. 

Loved reading it, we got to see a really different side of both of Mini and Trinket. Mini was sweet and caring, and Trinket just went with the flow. Zee wasn't even a thought in their mind, it was like he didn't exist, and they were living in a bubble where only the two of them existed. Aside from that one phone call, which was the hottest in the history of hot scenes! Oh, my! 

I really enjoyed this book but now I really don't know what to expect from the last book. How will their story end, how will it be a HEA? Who will live happily ever after? I don't know nothing. While I like Zee and his relationship with Trinket, let's be clear, that Mini is the main course while Zee is only a starter. 

Love this series so, so much. Finally a dirty and kinky series, finally an author who jumps into the cheating scene and doesn't afraid of writing it. Finally a series, where I know I'll be hot all over if I start it read on whichever page I'd like. It's hot on every page, it's kinky and I love every minute of this journey. 

Highly recommend this series if you want something unique and hot. 

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