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Sunday, January 23, 2022

~ Under His... Shorts by Adara Wolf ~


Author: Adara Wolf
Title: Under His ... Shorts
Series: Under His Heel
Pages: 280
Release date: 2021 December 28
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Rating: ★★★★★


Under His... Shorts is a collection of short stories set in the Under His Heel universe, both pre-Under His Heel and post Under His Skin. See how Alex got his scar, and why Tracht decided on Alex as his new bondservant; the first time Alex met Tracht's mother, and even their first vacation after Alex's contract ends.

There are 60,000 words worth of new content for Alex and Tracht, varying in both light and dark tones.

These are not standalone--please check out the main series first before diving into this short story collection.

My review: 

Alex and Tracht is like water or air for me, I need to know about their life like I need air. This shor stories collection is just what I needed now, it was everything. I could do with more (waaaaay more), but I'm not complaining, it was perfect. 

If you haven't read the original story, pick that up first. I just love everything about this world, and Trach is so good, yummy. I love how Alex suffers under him. Reading this collection just gave me a craving for a re-read, I miss Tracht and Alex.

It has both light and darker themes in it, but if you love the original series than you know what to expect. Some of it I already read on Adara's Patreon but I still read the whole book like it was a new thing to me. Love it!

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