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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Blog Tour & Excerpt ~ Bully King by Andi Jaxon

This perverse game we play could end us both.

Bully King, a gripping new M/M bully romance from Andi Jaxon is available now!

I'm the pastor's son.
He's the star quarterback for a small Kentucky high school.
While the town worships him, I pray for God to take my life.
He makes my life a living hell by making me his victim.
This perverse game we play could end us both.
How can something that feels so right be so wrong?
The price if the truth is discovered is death, but I can't stop.
Neither can he.
No one can know.
Can I risk it?
Is Roman King worth dying for?

*This story is a bully romance including dubious consent, assault, talk of suicide and is intended for readers 18+. Please proceed with caution.*

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“Jonah.” My name is growled. 

Roman grabs my shirt when I spin around and pulls me into a classroom with no lights on. Did he not hear the sermon? We can’t be caught together. Expecting to hit the wall, I stumble into the gloomy room with Roman shutting the door behind me.

“What are you doing in here?”

He doesn’t answer me, just grips my shirt again and pushes me against the wall where we won’t be seen by anyone walking past the door and he’s pressed against me. His lips are harsh and demanding against mine. He’s pissed off, but I’m too hurt by my father’s words to be angry yet. It’ll come, but right now, my heart is heavy and broken. 

Gripping his face, I kiss him back just as hard, frantic for his touch. My tongue duels with his and my teeth latch onto his lip. He growls, the rumble of it vibrating my chest. He’s pressed against me, mouth to thigh, and hard as steel. Blood pumps through my veins, filling my cock at his closeness. 

He reaches for my pants, and I break our kiss.

“Roman,” I pant, my hands reaching for his wrists.

“Why do you come here?”

His question catches me off-guard. He’s still crowding me against the wall, his deep blue eyes searching my face for something, but it’s hard to think with him this close to me.

“Why wouldn’t I? I’m a son of God.”

Confusion leaves me open for his next assault. Roman’s lips crush mine, taking no prisoners. This kiss is hard, demanding, brutal. It’s exactly what I need. The pain, the desperation.  

I kiss him back just as hard, biting at his lips, sucking on his tongue, ravaging his mouth. My dick aches in my pants, hard, desperate for attention. Roman’s body moves against me, his dick just as hard behind his zipper. 

Reaching down, he grabs my leg and pulls it around his hip to get a better angle. His thick cock sliding against mine has my eyes rolling back into my head and he swallows my moan. 

My hands grip his shirt, pushing him away from me, forcing him to let go of my lips. We stand there for a long minute, panting, not saying anything.

“We can’t do this here.” I’m finally able to get the words out.

Roman smirks that damn look that says, “I can do whatever the fuck I want.” His hands cup my ass, forcing me to grind against him. My eyes close and a groan rumbles from my throat. 

Stop,” I pant. “We can’t do this here. Not in the House of God. It’s sacrosanct. It’s wrong.” 

“Does it feel good, Jonah?” Roman lips brush against my ear. “My dick against yours?”

“Yes,” I hiss through clenched teeth, pleasure overriding the common sense part of my brain.

“Does it feel right? Me touching you like this?” His teeth nip at the skin of my neck. “Huh? Does this feel perverted? Does this feel like something you can just stop wanting?”

Roman’s hand moves to the front of my pants once again, his palm pushing and stroking against my dick through my pants. My hips buck against him on instinct, wanting more.

His lips drop to mine again, shutting down all logical thought. My hands move to his hair, pulling on the gold locks he wears so proudly. 

Meet Andi

From Dyslexic kid with a love of Algebra to a published author, no one expected me to become an author. I love to write about tortured pasts and hot sex, a happily ever after that has to be worked for. My stories tend to be contemporary with a few little dark elements and some comic relief, typically in the form of sarcasm.

Want to know more about Andi Jaxon? Follow her on social media or subscribe to her mailing list to receive the latest information on new releases, sales, and more!

Connect with Andi

Reader Group:

My review

I really don't know what to say because in some way I liked this story, but in others it was really wrong. 

"He isn't just a 'king' because of his last name."

I love a good bully romance and I'm not the one who say no to noncon and for darker themes, but this story was just a bit of both words. My biggest concern is, that it wasn't bullying in some scenes, it was pure rape, and I don't care that at the end Jonah liked it and craved it, Roman was a bad character. 

And we're talking about 17 year old high schoolers. 

"I hate what he makes me feel. If only it didn't feel so damn good."

The bully scenes were well written, and I really hurt for Jonah. If this how life is in some high schools in the US, then I'm more than happy to live here where this story is only a happens in books. I mean, how on earth can this happen, where are the teachers to stop all these?! 

"One of these days, he will take my virginity, whether I give it to him or he takes it by force." 

And this quote is just sums up this book and tells why I'm concerned about rape, because Roman didn't care. He was blind, and we could see how bad a person he is- when the news got out about his best friend! That scene was horrible. I almost DNF'd the book, I just wanted to throw up and forget this book. 

"How can I be involved with someone I can't trust to protect me when the time comes?" 

Jonah was a great character, but he was so innocent and silly. You'd think he's a clever person and live a bit careful because he's gay while he's father is the pastor. 
But on the other hand he was a loveable person and I loved what he did with Roman's best friend. (gawd, that scene!!!!!) 

"Before him, I told myself I would never put up with abuse. I would never fall into one of the toxic relationships you read about or see on TV, yet here I am."

There were times when Roman was sweet with Jonah, and when he was cruel with him he was sweet too. He just had to find his center. Roman is a complex character, but mostly cruel and bad, I hurt for him because of his father. You'd think Roman is a better person because of his background with his father... but not so much. 

"Am I going to die for loving Roman?"

Final verdict: It was enjoyable read, and while there were times I wanted to throw the book away and forget it exist, it was good in some ways. I still think it was more, much more then bullying. This book definitely isn't for everyone, the bully theme is really HIGH! And I think it's not a romance. Not in a million years. 

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ The Prince and The Pencil Pusher by Kenzie Blades


Prince & Pencil Pusher Banner

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:

The Prince and The Pencil Pusher by Kenzie Blades


A M/M Superhero Romance
(Royal Powers, Book 7)

Bad things happen when supos go unchecked. That's why Abarra needs The Ministry: to keep tabs on royals with powers run amok. Queen Maialen has entrusted the safety of her subjects to her nephew, Prince Xabier, placing the agency in his capable hands.

Only, the Prince would rather spend his days putting his own power to good use in the vineyards than to wither away on the bureaucratic vine. Tired of policing perpetrators and babysitting bean-counters, he schemes to groom his first lieutenant (and second cousin) the Duke of Shrubs. After months spent moving chess pieces, he is poised to convince the Queen to assign his cousin to his post.

But an unlikely pawn still stands in his way: the sexy Zain Otxoa is the pushiest pencil-pusher in all of The Ministry and head of internal affairs. Prince Xabier has plotted to have him fired at least thrice. Zain's influence over the Queen—his only saving grace—is baffling.

When a master maneuver to have Zain reassigned exposes a shocking imbroglio, Prince Xabier learns The Ministry isn't what it seems. And Zain isn't a pawn at all.

 Universal Link




Special Tour Excerpt:

“No good will come from prolonging the lie, Xabier. You said it yourself last season. This year will be the year that you tell the Queen.”

My eyes darted around my office, as if I were the one speaking and the walls were the ears of royal spies. They swept over my leftmost monitor, which displayed the security feed. I was relieved to see Eusebio, my assistant, engrossed in a book. The monitor showed two frames—the other was the approach from the grand hallway—empty, via the frame on the right.

“I did say that, didn’t I?” My reply was absent in its paranoia.

For the moment, praise for our wine was showered solely upon Fesik. It bothered him to take all the glory. My only mark was Ichor, the name I had bestowed upon our prizewinning blend. In Greek mythology, it meant an ethereal fluid thought to be the blood of the gods. In the irony of all ironies, the labor of love which took my attentions away from my very-important-slash-boring day job was adored by my aunt, the Queen, Maialen.

“Before midnight,” I repeated then hung up the phone, figuring I’d better go from talking to doing. Fesik’s call had come in on my personal phone. In the Ministry of Powers, one had to be discreet about matters that one wanted to keep to oneself. So also did one have to do when one was a royal.

For the most part, I had whittled away servants and guards—become self-sufficient and kept supervision at a minimum. Yet there was one who stood a chance at thwarting my plans to travel to Palamos. And he wouldn’t be so easy to shake off.

“Abide your duties,” he would say, coated in his own brand of sugar that abode the rules of subordination. Zain Otxoa possessed the rare ability to deliver bizarrely respectful scoldings. He was quite tricky in that respect. He was quite tricky in other respects, as well. He was why I was loath to leave my post without covering my tracks.

I switched to my old-style intercom and watched on the monitor as Eusebio startled at my buzz. The man was grossly underutilized—fit to assist someone with a full schedule and dozens of difficult tasks. The once or twice a day that I ever actually summoned him, he nearly jumped out of his skin, too eager to oblige.

“Eusebio. I need a car for the evening, please.”

“Immediately, Your Grace?” He straightened in his seat, tossing the thick tome he had been reading onto the desk. I might have liked him better had he read something serious like Dostoyevsky, or something trashy, like gossip rags. But he only ever read the most boring book on earth: the Policies and Procedures Manual of the Ministry of Powers.

“I’ll take a pickup in fifteen minutes. Around the back, please.”

“Yes, Your Grace.” I watched Eusebio write down the simple instruction. “Shall I specify a destination?”

“I’ll give it to the driver when he arrives.” My voice was calm. If I gave a nothing out-of-the-ordinary vibe, there would be nothing for Eusebio to suspect.

“And your proxy, Your Grace?”

I was not permitted to go off duty without one, though the Day and Night Deputy Ministers were my second and third in command. Among the three of us, we worked a twenty-four-hour shift. As the Minister, I had the “honor” of taking the shifts when the most critical incidents occurred. Though I resented it, it was a great honor—a high office befitting a high royal, assuming responsibility for the most extraordinary aspect of our world: in Abarra, royals had superpowers.

“Super” may have been too strong a word for some of the abilities the gods had bestowed upon the ruling class. Nonetheless, those who possessed such powers were called “supos”. There was nothing to joke about when it came to superpowers run amok. Royals were required to register their powers. The Ministry was intended to provide guidance, education and—frankly—intimidation to discourage their misuse.

“Please ask Duke Oleander to be on call.”

“Certainly, my lord.”

It was my duty to know about incidents and to help bring said incidents to resolution. Since only royals could possess these powers, it was thought (quite erroneously) that abuses were rare. That the royal family, as custodians of the public trust, acted responsibly. Little did Abarra know how far the Ministry had to go to diffuse dangerous situations. Seeing what came in on most Friday and Saturday nights was like watching an episode of Royals Gone Wild.

“And Eusebio? I see no need to trouble Mr. Otxoa with information about my whereabouts. Should he drop by, simply let him know that I placed matters in Duke Oleander’s capable hands.”

Apart from my Deputy Ministers, he was my highest lieutenant—the man hellbent on insisting that I have absolutely no fun.

“You can let him know yourself, Your Grace. Mr. Otxoa just entered the hall.”

My eyes flew to the right half of the monitor display. As surely as Eusebio had indicated, Zain Otxoa was beating a path to my door. His timing was so uncanny, it was as if he knew.


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Kilby Blades Square Headshot Profile Pic

About the Author:

Kenzie Blades is a queer author of romantic LGBTQIA+ fiction and is the alter ego of a multi-award winning author who writes other fiction under a different name. 

Kenzie lives in San Francisco and enjoys lots of things that start with the letter B, like bacon, bourbon and books. Boys, too. Because—come on—they’re beautiful.

Connect with Kenzie:


Monday, October 19, 2020

Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Wildfire by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes



Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:

Wildfire by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes


Sons of Olympus, Book 1

Wilder Pratt has given up trying to get his life together. Passed up for a promotion, left by his long-term boyfriend, nothing in his life seems to work how he planned. Wilder is just treading water . . . right up until the moment he trips over a dead student outside his office with a golden would-be murderer standing over the body.

Hermes has been running his whole life—from duty and danger, from a father who mistrusts him and siblings who outshine him. But when the students at Banneker College of magic start dropping dead one after another, Hermes’s ass is on the line. He finds himself playing bodyguard to a man who suspects him of murder, but that doesn’t seem enough to keep Professor Pratt’s hot hands off him.

An ancient evil has risen from the depths of Tartarus, and he’s coming for Banneker. The only thing standing in the way of a titanic apocalypse is one disappointing part-time professor and a god who’d rather abandon the world to its fate. But if they work together, they may just save everyone.

Universal Link




“Is . . . is he dead?” Wilder demanded, even though his breath was trying to freeze in his chest.

The man looked up at him. “What?” He glanced back down at the student and blinked like it was a surprise to find a corpse there. “Oh, you mean him. Wait, are you talking to me?” His eyes widened even more as he looked back up at Wilder, as if the body had been shock enough, but someone speaking to him was beyond comprehension.

Wilder glanced all around and back at the man, holding out his hands to indicate the empty hallway. “Who else would I be talking to?”

The guy gave a lazy shrug and grinned, far too casually to be keeping company with a dead body. “Dunno, you professorial types are always talking to yourselves, aren’t you? I think all those books make you funny in the head.”

“Maybe if you read a book or two, you would realize that ‘dunno’ isn’t a word,” Wilder pointed out. He didn’t have a problem with the slang, really, but he was surprised and bothered and feeling wrong-footed, and when he felt uncomfortable, he tended to ignore his therapist’s advice.

He hopped to his feet, grinning at Wilder like a man who belonged in a madhouse. “S’pose so, huh? Dunno what I’d do with all them fancy words, though. My head might explode if I filled it too full.”

Wilder opened his mouth and closed it once, and then twice. “Matthew,” he said, unintelligently.


“His name is Matthew. I just remembered. One of his term papers is in my bag.”

The man looked once again down at the body between them, then gave Matthew a little nudge with his toe. Matthew didn’t rouse. “I guess you don’t gotta worry about grading that one.”

Even for Wilder, that was a little flippant. He looked at the man, expecting to find the same inappropriate grin in place, even as he joked about the death of a student. He was frowning, though, looking at the body like a puzzle, and one he wasn’t enjoying.

“Disappointed?” Wilder asked.

He looked up at Wilder and shook his head. “No. Just can’t figure it out. He’s the second one like this. Can’t see what killed him—he’s just gone.” He looked around the hallway. He seemed to think he’d find the young man standing somewhere else and no longer lying on the floor. Then he shook his head. “Gone.”

He was right. There was no sign of what had killed Matthew. He was just pale and cold, eyes staring sightlessly at the ceiling.

“Uncle H is gonna be pissed,” the guy muttered. “Nothing to be done now, though. I gotta get back to work. Later, Prof!”

“Hey! You can’t just leave. We need to call—” Wilder’s head snapped up to stare at the man, but he found himself alone in the hallway with his student’s corpse.

Teaser 3

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A Rafflecopter Giveaway

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About the Authors:


Sam is an author of LGBTQIA+ fiction, mostly light-hearted fantasy romances. Most of her books include a little violence, a fair amount of swearing, and maybe a sex scene or two. Or four.

She is a full-time writer who lives in the Midwest with her husband and cat. Someday, she plans to be a full-time writer who lives near the ocean with her husband, cat.

Connect with Sam:


Connect with Waverly:



Series Review Tour & Excerpt ~ Desire by Ty Debauchee


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Shot in the Dark by Riley Long


 BT Banner

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:

Shot in the Dark by Riley Long


If you win the bet, we’ll let you disappear. If you lose, you’ll be trapped on stage forever.

I'm definitely straight, but when rock god Eli Steele offers me the opportunity of a lifetime in exchange for being his fake husband for a year, I can't say no. That's how I find myself sharing a bed - and more than a few kisses - with the lead singer of Blood Money. All I have to do is stay focused on my work and pretend to be in love with him. Easy, right?

I took a stupid fucking bet and now I have to convince Charlie to fall for me without using mind control. He's straight, but the bigger problem is that he's human and I'm not. Once he finds out I'm really a vampire, will he be able to look past my fangs and see what's in my heart?

Universal Link


Teaser 1



Charlie cleared his throat. “Speaking of sunshine, it’s getting pretty late. Or early. We should probably get back. Don’t you think Sam and the others will be looking for us soon?”

I shrugged. “Probably not. But you’re right. It’s almost time to turn in for the night.” A moment passed. “But I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to kiss my husband on such a lovely evening under the beautiful moon.” I leaned in and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.

When I pulled away, Drew huffed. “Is that all?”

A tight laugh escaped me. “Just getting warmed up.” I leaned into Charlie again, and he tilted his head up, welcoming me. I touched our lips together, and after a second’s hesitation, I slid my tongue to meet his. He opened to me, our tongues easing together, tentatively at first.

My stomach clenched and roiled as I deepened the kiss, pulling Charlie close to me. I tightened a fist in the back of his shirt and let my free hand slip along his jaw, brushing the slight stubble with the pad of my thumb. Charlie’s breath tightened as we kissed, and his hands gripped my hips firmly.

We moved together with a few false starts, but as we kissed, something blossomed in my chest. I held him closer still, until our hips brushed one another and I became instantly aware of his erection, standing at attention between our bodies. My own cock ached and strained towards Charlie. I could hear his heartbeat as it sped up, thudding so loudly that I nearly lost control.

Drew cleared his throat. “Yes, well, that’s really enough of that.”

Our movement slowed, and I drew away reluctantly. We stared at each other, gazes locked for a moment, and I swiped at his lower lip with my thumb before taking his hand and turning to Drew. “I believe I’ve said this before, but you can seriously fuck off.”

Teaser 2

My review

Rockstar Vampire with a fake 'stragith' husband? Best thing ever.

I enjoyed reading this book so much. It was sweet and light while romantic and hot too. Loved Charlie and Eli. The best thing was that Charlie was a so sweet fanboy, I loved their first encounter, it was adorable. 

Liked the whole vampire thing and that everyone in the band was vampire. I love rockstar romances and it was good to see the band on the tour, on the bus. And it was both sweet and hilarious that Eli forgot to buy food for Charlie. You think that Eli is the badass rockstar, but when it comes to Charlie he is such a marshmallow. I loved their relationship, it was both instalove and slow burn at the same time (don't ask how, it just was). 

Charlie was so adorable on his way to gayness and the romance between him and Eli was so good. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. My only probleme is that drama at the end - it was so lame. But anyway, the ending was really good and I hope to read more in this world.

Enter the Giveaway:

To celebrate Riley's release, we are giving readers 1 of 2 chances too win an e-copies of Shot in the Dark & the book of your choice from Riley's published works!

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

A Rafflecopter Giveaway

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Teaser 3

Author Logo

About the Author:

Riley Long is a wife and mother living a quiet life in Virginia, with her husband, son, and one goofy pit bull. She passes her evenings writing, reading, and watching bad television (or not so bad television). For fun, Riley participates in NaNoWriMo, GISH, and reads with her book club, the BAMFs. She likes things with silly acronyms. The craziest thing Riley has ever done involves whipped cream and hugs. Riley writes sweet and sexy romance, with a special place in her heart for hipsters and musicians.

Connect with Riley:


Release Blitz, Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway: Virgin Shifters: Shifting for the First Time ~ A Limited Edition Collection



Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:

Virgin Shifters: Shifting for the First Time ~ A Limited Edition Collection


With Stories By JS Bright, Melissa E Costa, Nicole Dennis, Kelly Fox, Jessie G, Miski Harris, Katey Hawthorne, Kris Jacen, Jacki James, Kim Katil, K-Lee Klein, Lynn Michaels, Megs Pritchard, Victoria Sue, TL Travis, Sara York

Only Available for 90 days!

First time shifting

There’s a first time for everything. When these shifters come of age, shifting for their first time into their true form, you never know what will happen. Is that love in the air, or just mating rituals handed down from one generation to another?

Pick up this exciting boxset with new to you authors and some old favorites. It’s sure to please and give you hours of reading pleasure.

Universal Link


Promo 4

Stories in this Limited Edition Collection:
Count Down by JS Bright
The Last Kitsune by Melissa E Costa
By The Moonlight by Megs Pritchard
Prey To The Fox by Jessie G
BlessEd Be The Dead by TL Travis
Finding His Groove by Sara York
First Fire by Lynn Michaels
The Omega Thief by Victoria Sue
Bee Cave Magic by Kelly Fox
Paws In The Snow by Nicole Dennis
Shift to Gray by Kim Katil
Mountain Ail by Kris Jacen
Open Season by Katey Hawthorne
Sunbeams and SunTea by K-lee Klein
Prince of Indigo Island by Jacki James
Leopards Lair by Miski Harris

Promo 3

Release Blitz Excerpt:

Nicole Dennis

Paws in the Snow

Exhausted from the waves of pain, Derick slowly packed up his backpack and tucked the bottle in the outer pocket. Zipping it up, he slung one strap over his shoulder and grabbed his coat. Carefully, he walked down the steps.

Though other students called out to him, he ignored them. Just not feeling strong enough to answer.

He leaned against the front row desks. Dropping his coat on one desk, he rubbed his fingers over his head and rubbed his neck.

Dark speckles filled his vision. Then the strange burning sensation returned to his eyes.

“Do you know what is happening to you, mon chaton?” Chevalier asked in his soft French-Canadian accent.

Lifting his head, Derick tried to blink through the speckle spots and burning. “Happening? Flu. Got flu.”

Chevalier shook his head. “Not the flu. Something special. Something that I don’t think you ever learned about, but now I can see it inside you. I can help you, but you must trust me. You will need to listen to me, follow me, and I’ll get you through what is happening.” He touched his fingers against Derick’s cheek. “Can you do that for me, mon chaton?”

“Will I feel better?”

“Oh, oui, better and stronger. That I can promise.”

His knees buckled when another wave of pain and cramps roared through his body. He groaned and collapsed.

“Oh, mon chaton, we’re running out of time,” Chevalier said when he caught him. He held Derick tight against his frame.

“Feel horrible… Help me, Professor—”

“Ben. Call me Ben.”

“Scared. Feel horrible.” Derick rested his head on Chevalier—Ben’s shoulder. He breathed in the soft fragrance of Ben’s cologne. Just the touch and smell of him comforted whatever happened deep inside him. “Don’t leave me.”

“Never, mon chaton.

Exclusive Excerpt:

 Kris Jacen

Mountain Air

Oh fuck no. Not while he was breathing. Garrett shook his head and shifted. It didn’t take more than a minute before he was kneeling, naked as the day he was born, on the trail. Standing up, he stepped between his sister and the man, back to the guy.

“Kim, I’ve got this. You know I won’t let the girls get hurt. Go home and shift.” Garrett put a bit of alpha behind his instructions this time. He watched as the confusion passed over Kim’s face. Even through whatever drug was floating through her system, her lion couldn’t fight the alpha suadere. “Go. I’ve got Kelsey and Erin.”

It took another minute before Kim yowled at him then with a glance at the girls, she ran off toward the river. Her direction didn’t make sense to Garrett, but he’d deal with that later. His highest priority was the girls and the guy behind him.

A quick check of the cubs told him that they were fine. Just seemed a bit scared. And why wouldn’t they be with a strange lion standing in front of them. A gentle rub to their heads and another wave of alpha suadere and they settled right down. Now to deal with the guy.

Turning, Garrett took his first look at the man. Close to six feet, light brown hair, didn’t look too muscular, his face was a bit ragged but attractive. “Who are you and why didn’t you report to the local conclave when you arrived?”

“Conclave? I’m not a shifter,” the man stammered out.

“I smell mountain lion all over you. Now who the fuck are you?” Garrett demanded.

“I don’t know who you are but I’m Doctor Robert Brown, here to study the invasive plants attacking the park’s environment. And you are mistaken because I am not a shifter of any species. Now, not that I’m not appreciating the view, but don’t you think you should pull on some clothes?”

This was the researcher Garrett was supposed to help for however long? Oh yeah, lucky him. “Don’t like my flux capacitor, Doc?”

Promo 2

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Out Now

Connect with the Authors:

JS Bright

Melissa E Costa

Megs Pritchard

Jessie G

TL Travis

Sara York

Lynn Michaels

Victoria Sue

Kelly Fox

Nicole Dennis

Kim Katil

Kris Jacen

Katey Hawthorne

K-Lee Klein

Jacki James

Miski Harris


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Garden of Eden By Hellie Heat


BT Banner

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:

Garden of Eden By Hellie Heat


The Elysian Chronicles, Book 1

Micah Vehyl considers himself an “opportunist.” Living in the underground city of Tartarus, he’s not misguided by the ideals of the esteemed and noble government, nor by the promise of rehoming and freedom on the surface. In a world where homosexuality is considered punishable by death, and only the rich and healthy are able to see the light of day, Micah has made a living for himself - among his older brother’s band of criminals and assassins. Armed with a complex power he barely understands, Micah lives only for himself, removed from the fight of the so-called Resistance movement and the impending war against President Axel Tovar and the esteemed and noble government.

But a chance and erotic encounter with a deeply enigmatic Eden Voss awakens a passion within that he thought to have vanished for good. A dangerous passion: one that could just get him killed.

Meanwhile, Eden Voss has secrets of his own: An officer in the Elysian Police Force, Eden risks more than just his career to maintain contact with Micah. But the connection between them cannot be denied and Eden is willing to throw it all away for the chance to spend more time in Micah’s presence.

Caught between passionate desire and the forces that strive to keep them apart, Eden and Micah must navigate treachery, politics, but worst of all - themselves, to find each other. And when injustice threatens all they hold dear, they must make decide if what they’ve started is worth fighting for. And if they’re willing to risk it all to be together in a world where their love is forbidden.

!!Reader Warnings:!! this book contains content that may be upsetting to some readers. Dark themes in this series include graphic depictions of violence, torture, human trafficking, police brutality, sexual assault and depictions of rape/non-consensual sexual situations.

Garden of Eden is a mm LBGT romance and contains very sexy scenes between two men. It is the first in a three book series and though it does not end on a cliffhanger, the story will continue in books 2 and 3. The series as a whole will have a HEA.

Universal Link


Teaser 1

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“Well, how lucky am I to be allowed some of your attention for the night?” Micah leaned back, assessing Eden’s hard body, all wrapped in leather. He looked undeniably handsome.
Eden glanced up at him, almost shyly, before his eyes widened. Slowly, he reached out, allowing his hand to trace the scab that had formed on Micah’s lip, the bruises that lined his jaw. “What happened?” Micah felt himself flush, pulling quickly from Eden’s grasp.
“It’s nothing. One of the hazards of home.”
Eden’s sharp blue eyes narrowed. “It doesn’t look like nothing.”
“I said it's nothing,” Micah said flatly. “Drop it, will you?”
Eden’s hands balled into fists. “If someone hurt you —”
“I can take care of myself,” Micah snapped. “I told you that the last time we met.”
“You did,” Eden conceded.
“Does it ruin your image of me?” Micah asked, quirking a brow. “Am I less appealing to you now that the goods have been damaged?”
Eden’s cheeks flared pink. “Nothing could do that. You’re all I’ve been thinking about since the last time.”

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Hellie Heat has been writing all her life but only recently discovered her passion in MM fiction. The idea for Garden of Eden came to her in a dream – and she keeps on dreaming up new ideas!

She lives in Ohio with her husband, two dogs and two cats.

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