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Monday, March 01, 2021

~ The Gravity of Nothing by Chase Connor ~


Author: Chase Connor
Title: The Gravity of Nothing
Pages: 318
Release date: 2018 December
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Rating: ★★★★★


TRIGGER WARNINGS: Physical Assault, Sexual Assault, Drug Use, Mental Health Issues, Suicide

All stories start with "once upon a time" and end with "happily ever after." Except for Tom's. Tom's story ends with "happily never after."

But a life is full of "once upon a times" because a life is full of stories. Everything in between the "once upon a times" is just details.

Two boys met on a bus. Two boys went to summer camp. Two boys walked into the woods together. Two boys swam in the lake.

One boy was assaulted. One boy was frozen with fear.

One boy became overwhelmed by everything. One boy was dragged down by the gravity of nothing.

This is a story of two boys. They met. They became best friends. And now one of them is dead.

Over the course of this book, Tom tells a story to the other people in his therapy group. But, whose story is he telling?

My review: 

A book that broke me into million pieces. Thank you. 
This is the kind of story I'm looking for when I want something to destroy me. 

"Admitting that you are not as strong as you want to be really gets a person right in the gut."

Chase Connor amazes me book after book. Every book he writes is just more amazing then the last. Every story stays with me and the characters are in my heart and mind forever.

"Mental illness is a bottomless pit."

I started to read the book without knowing anything about it, so when the first big punch to my heart happened, I was devastated. I didn't know what to do - bring tissues or just quit reading?! 

"My “once upon a time” started at summer camp and when I met my first and only best friend. My “happily ever after” ended up being a “happily never after.” "

The book has destroyed me, especially at then end, when everything got clear. Lies, lies everywhere. But what's the true? What happened for real and what wasn't real? 

It's not a romance, it's a heartbreaking journey of a young man who just wants to be innocent and forget everything that had happened to him and around him. 

"First, there was Before Dally. Then there was Meeting Dally. Then there was The Summer of John. Everything after, I refer to as Surviving Dally."

Chase Connor writes beautifully and the storyline is well built. He gives the biggest and best punches to your heart without you knowing it's coming. He writes character with heart and soul, filled with life. Everything is real and you fell everything the characters are feeling. You are there with them on their journey, and just hope for the HEA. 

"But… anxiety and depression are like seasons. It’s cyclic. One moment things are fine, then the next they’re really fucking not. There’s no rhyme or reason with them. I think I’ll get better at managing them, though.” "

Beautiful and heartbreaking. Loved every page of it. Even when it crushed me into million pieces and cried my eyes out at the end. 


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