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Monday, January 24, 2022

~ Solus by Taylor J Gray ~


Author: Taylor J Gray
Title: Solus
Series: The Streetboys 2 (not a standalone)
Pages: 459
Release date: 2021 December 22
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (3,5)


This is an adult only read.
Step up or step back – Joe has to try and decide what’s best for Leo while continuing to battle his own emotions and thoughts. On top of that, Julian continues to goad and push him in some sort or game - a game that Joe doesn’t want to play.

My review: 

I'm a little disappointed in this book and those 3,5 stars are for only Layton and his presence. 
Leo was so, so annoying in this part and I almost DNF'd the book because of him. He only knew two lines : "I'm tired & Can we go back to the alley?". I know... I know it was a lot for him, but come on, it was annoying as hell that he couldn't get past of those lines. 

Oh and Joe... first it was intriguing to watch him and especially with Layton (yummy), but after a while I've got enough of him too. When Julian came and tried to make friends with him, I really thoght they will be together for a hot minute, and that phone call was great too, but then nothing. Sad me. 

Layton was amazing as always, but after this book I have a NEED for an Isaac and Layton sceene, so so much. I need their first time together after everything that happened between and around them. If that scene wouldn't be in the next book, I'll be super angry. 

Well... that cliffhanger. Joe surely knows what to do or say at the end of each books. I'm rolling my eyes really HARD.

So yeah it was a difficult read for me, I had to put it aside for a few days because Leo made me so angry. I'm glad I picked it up again and finished but I'm expecting a way better outcome in the next book.

The storyline and emotions are still super slow paced and it's mostly about the deeper emotions behind bdsm scenes and how they should feel or do something. I love this deeper and say-it-all things of the series but sometimes I really need more. 

I already said in the previous review that Isaac was way better then this series and I'm still thinking that. Leo and Joe are boring but I'm here becuase of Layton. And because I know Layton can make them interesting (I believe). 

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