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Sunday, March 28, 2021

~ That Mafioso Magic by Nicholas Bella ~


Author: Nicholas Bella
Title: That Mafioso Magic
Series: Mages & Mayhem 1
Pages: 294
Release date: 2021 March 19
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Rating: ★★★★★


Private detective, Adrian Elias, knows what trouble looks like, and ruthless mobster and lion shifter, Sage Tamir, was just that with a capital T. On top of smelling like heaven, the man has the face of an angel, with a body made for unbridled sin. A combination Adrian finds very hard to resist.

​Unfortunately, someone is trying to kill Sage and they’re using magic to do it. Sage usually takes these types of matters into his own hands, but this time, he’s out of his league. He believes the only person who can help him is the down-on-his-luck detective. Problem is, Adrian doesn't want to take his case because he feels it may be too dangerous. Never mind the volcanic-level attraction they seem to share for each other raising the stakes. Magic and mayhem awaits.

Reader Advisory: 18 and older. Strong adult situations and language. A sarcastic PI and a no-nonsense mobster will keep you turning the pages way past your bedtime. Best order that pizza, because once you start this book, you won’t want to stop.

My review: 

I feel like I've been waiting for this book for ages, but let me tell you, it was worth the wait! This book is so complex and so well written. Nicholas Bella is on the top of my favorite author list, and if you still have questions why, then read this book! 

NB writes paranormal romances like no one else. The characters are deep and looks real, their emotions are coming through the pages and the chemistry between the two MCs are off the chart hot. 

"Could he be the yin to my yang? The light to my darkness?"

This book gives you deep and cute romance, hot as hell erotica, exciting magic with awesome spells and all the badass women you didn't know you needed in your life. I don't like women in my gay romances, but those in this book are kicking ass like no one elses business. 

Sage, the lion king shifter and mage, the mob boss - is cute as a puppy. LOL I loved seeing this big prestigious mob boss king turn into a lovesick puppy when Adrian was near him. They were adorable together. Yeah, I know, adorable isn't the kind of world to describe a mob boss, but come on, they were really cute. And this is what I like in NB's stories; the contrast and the diversity. You can find any and every character you like, in every race and shape. 

"My king... the lion king was my lover. Wow, it was turning out to be one hell of a week."

The vampires were an interesting addition to the story, and my jaw was on the floor at some scenes... holy hell, it was really intense! Sometimes reminded me of Theoden/Noel.

I enjoyed the hell out of this book and can't wait for the next one! Highly recommend.

"Sage was the darkness to my light and together, we made gray."

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