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Tuesday, January 04, 2022

~ Devoted to the Don by Leighton Greene ~


Author: Leighton Greene
Title: Devoted to the Don
Series: Morelly Family 6 (NOT a standalone)
Pages: 538
Release date: 2021 December 26
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Rating: ★★★★★


Luca thought keeping me out of the Family business would keep me safe.
He was wrong.

Now his own life is hanging in the balance, too.

While our enemies stalk us, long-buried secrets begin to resurface, and I’m not sure who we can trust.

But I won’t let anyone take him from me. No matter what I have to do.

I meant every promise I made to Luca in my marriage vows. And now it’s time to make good on them -- for better or worse.

Till death do us part? Over my dead body.

I’ve been underestimated my whole life. But if there’s one thing our enemies should have counted on, it’s my love for my husband.

My devotion to the Don.


Join Finch and Luca in a dangerous, action-packed, steamy adventure that takes them from New York to Boston, through Roman ruins and a Venetian masquerade, as they redefine their marriage and search for a way to eliminate their enemies for once and for all.

Devoted to the Don is the sixth book in the Morelli Family series.

My review: 

"I am happy to kneel before him because he's worthy of it. He's a god among men, worthy of my worship."

I didn't wanted to finish reading this book because now it means I had to say goodbye to these characters I'd fallen for. Now Finch and Luca's story is told and over, and it's hard to live in a world where are no more Finch and Luca. This series is high on my top of favorite list, if not on the top, and I only have amazing things to say about it. Loved, looooved every book, every character and their unique HEA, but Finch and Luca are the best of the best. Don Morelli and his princess.

I finished last year with this book and I read it for days, I tried to make it last longer. Loved every page of it, it was so long and so exciting and just perfect. There were times when I wanted to slap Luca so hard, and there were times I was biting my nails so hard. It's te perfect mafia romance ever. Perfectly balanced mafia scenes with the sweet romance and hot erotica, just per-fect! 

I'm not the one to pair songs with books or characters, but this time it just called for it. I have three songs for this amazing book:

Luca's theme song : Why Don't We - Fallin' 
Finch's theme song (especially the Rome scene): Sia - Unstoppable
Their love story' theme song: Coldplay X BTS - My Universe

The Rome scene was super exciting and nail bitingly awesome! LOOOOVED it. And the whole third honeymoon part just awwww. Luca and his adrenalin, being young and reckless again, Finch and his 'I do anything for Luca' attitude, just so hot and full with love.

The ending of the book was bittersweet, I kept the last 10% for the last day of the year. I was sad to say goodbye but happy at the same time because the book has a really good ending. I can't wait the next series and I'm looking forward to meet some of these characters there.

Leighton did a super fantastic job with this series. I didn't know at the beginnig that I'll fall this hard for this series, but god oh god, how deeply I love everyone in this world. 


"You're no princess in a tower. No matter what you might think, or what Frank calls you. You're my king, Finch D'Amato. Don't you ever forget that."

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