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Thursday, July 08, 2021

~ Master's schiavo by Laura Lascarso ~


Author: Laura Lascarso
Title: Master's schiavo
Pages: 320
Release date: 2021 June 27
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Rating: ★★★★★ (all the fcking stars!)


Patience, humility, subservience, gratitude… these are the virtues of a schiavo, qualities that Giovanni not only demonstrates in serving his Master but has internalized since his training began three years ago. Master makes the rules, Master enforces them, and Giovanni thrives on the structure and discipline his Master provides.

But Master, a New York City crime lord, must tie up loose ends with the family business, and it’s not safe for Giovanni to accompany him back to the city, so Giovanni must stay with Master’s younger brother, Signore. Signore is not at all like Master. He’s brash, boisterous, impulsive, arrogant. This schiavo will not submit to such a mercurial man, but Master is not here, and Signore offers Giovanni the freedom to explore and express himself in different ways.

Torn by his loyalties to two very different men, Giovanni strives to exemplify his virtues in every way, but his training never covered how he might serve two Masters.

MASTER’S SCHIAVO is an introspective romantic story featuring a submissive shared by two different Dominants. This work contains several references to past sexual abuse and trauma. Trigger warnings for addiction, suicidal ideation, and mental health troubles. This book is meant for entertainment purposes only, not as a guide to safe, sane, and consensual BDSM practices.

My review: 

I don't recommend this book.
But if you want your soul and heart ripped out of your body, go ahead and read it. You will cry your eyes out, you will sob into your pillows and you won't know what to do with yourself after finishing the book. But be my guest and read it.

Oh my gosh.

My heart is in million pieces. What in the hell. When you can't trust in BDSM books, what's there left to you, what?! I can't form coherent words right now, because Master... oh god, Master.

This book is one of my favorite not just this year, but in my whole existence. Do you hear me?! This is that perfect.

I love slave/Master stories and reading about BDSM relationships, but I wasn't prepared for this book. Yes, it's Master/slave with many BDSM scenes, but it has mob families and an emotional rollercoaster. I was happily reading this book, comfortable in my bed, then came a knife and guns and my head was spinning so fast I thought I'll lost consciousness. And it was at only 20% I think? I wasn't prepared to be catuious and fear for on of the MC's life. No one told me to be alert at all times. 

Valentino aka Master *sigh*, perfection. I don't have other words, sorry, but it's true. And Giovanni/schiavo, oh gosh, cutie pie. 

The story has age-gap relationship, with a huge gap (I don't know the correct answer because we don't know Master's age, but I guess 60-70 or more?). The only age we know is Gio's which is 22. And Gio has a grandfather complex - but it's way more then what you think if you hear that phrase.

Why I picked up this book? Because it's about a boy shared by two dominant. And I was curious, I love threesomes and a boy with two Doms. But what I wasn't ready... this book. It's more then sharing, it's more then a boy and two Doms. It's just more on every level. (ps. the two Dom are brothers and Valentino HAS the boy, he is his Master and the center of his world. Then comes Silvio...)

This book is so emotional and so deep. And toward the end... no, I don't want to think about it, it's too painful (but beautiful at the same time).

Loved LOVED the book and the ending is just too perfect and beautiful. I can't function right now. It's the purest love story EVER.


Ps. I highlighted two scenes, one, the Adam/Eve and snake paralell - that's just so good and must be right! And the second, when Gio is with both Sir and Master and he is cum drunk and the happiest, his only existence is to be two hole for his two partner.

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