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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

~ Lost in the Linework ~


Author: Daniel May
Title: Lost in the Linework
Series: Taste of Ink 2 (not a standalone)
Pages: 100
Release date: 2021 January 11
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Rating: ★★★★★


He's in too deep and unwilling to go back... the only thing more dangerous than choosing between the possessive boyfriend and the cheshire-grinning tattoo artist is making no decision at all.

Trinket met Mini under odd circumstances - Mini the tattoo artist working late, Trinket the customer getting inked to commemorate a two year anniversary with his longterm boyfriend. Their hookup shouldn't have happened at all, and at least should have lasted that evening and gone no further. Instead, it's evolving rapidly into a game of chicken Trinket is playing with himself.

Things with boyfriend Siebold 'Zee' Li have never been better... or more complicated. Trinket finds himself bolder in the bedroom, but loses his nerve outside of it. His domestic bliss with Zee doesn't feel like a cage, but Trinket is beginning to see the bars. When Zee's coworker glances at Trinket's empty ring finger, Trinket panics. The one he calls to cope is Mini - a man becoming not just side piece, but confidant.

Zee doesn't know he's in competition with another man, but he can sense things aren't right at home. He tries new things in and out of the bedroom - introducing toys, making grand romantic gestures - but his boundary-pushing stands a change of triggering the already unstable Trinket into making things even worse.

Lost in the Linework is the 30k word follow-up to A Taste of Ink, giving readers another taste of the chaos. This book contains cheating, kinky sex, unsafe and risky sexual behavior, and does not end with a HEA/HFN but continues the story leading into part 3.

My review:

I just can't get enough of this story! It's so, so good! Love every page of it, so hot and so well written. The emotions, all the cheating and the tattoo scenes, oh god, perfect! 

Trinket and Mini together, ahhh I just love how Mini changed Trinket's world, and I love how Trinket opens his eyes and soul to everything that Mini has to give to him. And Zee! He isn't that innocent either, he is just as kinky as Trinket and Mini, just he is afraid of it. Ahh, I really can't wait to know how this story will end.

The cliffhanger is killing me, the book ended at the hottest scene ever, and I'm so frustrated over it! It's like a ruined orgasm... no satisfaction! Ahh I need book 3 like yesterday!!! 

This story is unique, hot and kinky, and so, so addicting!

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