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Sunday, November 07, 2021

~ Giovanni by Laura Lascarso ~


Author: Laura Lascarso
Title: Giovanni
Series: Giovanni 1
Pages: 259
Release date: 2021 November 7
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Rating: ★★★★★


Giovanni needs a man to rule him. Valentin has met his match.

Valentin Fortuna is a man who prides himself on his restraint and self-control. As the head of the Aponte family business and mentor to his late Don’s troubled grandson, Valentin takes his guardianship responsibilities very seriously. So, when the young man he’s been entrusted to keep safe is retraumatized at a house party, Valentin immediately steps in and installs Giovanni in his penthouse in Brooklyn to monitor his recovery. There Valentin provides him the structure and discipline Giovanni craves, as well as a strict set of rules to maintain his vulnerable sense of self.

But Giovanni wants more. He wants the pleasure and the pain only Valentin can administer, to ascend to godlike heights of passion and rid himself of the voices that plague his every waking minute. The demons are loud, but Valentin’s voice is louder, and their chemistry is as addictive as it is potent.

GIOVANNI is an introspective romance centered around a D/s dynamic. This work contains several references to past sexual abuse and trauma. Trigger warnings for addiction, suicide attempt, and self-harm. This book is meant for entertainment purposes only, not as a guide to safe, sane, and consensual BDSM practices.


My review: 

Giovanni is the prequel to Master's schiavo but both books can be read whenever. But. Since I read it in writing order, I hihgly recommend to read it this way. Leave Giovanni for second. This way it'll hurt you less.

Master's schiavo broke my soul and heart to million pieces, and now, Giovanni put it back together. It was the most beautiful and precious love story of all times. This book, this series is my number one favorite this year and in my existence. I can't tell you how perfect and wonderful it is. It's a masterpiece. Valentin and Giovanni's love story is eternal. 

Loved reading about them in this book, it was really exciting, fun and hot to read about their first days together and how they became the duo they are in the next book. 

The BDSM life style and the emotional attachements around it are written so perfectly and beautifully, I have no words. And the best thing: I loved reading their story from Valentin's POV! OMG it was so amazing.

Gio's emotional journey was heartbreakingly beautiful and painful at times. Since I knew that the book will end with a HEA (or HFN mostly), I wasn't afraid of certain scenes - they were perfectly written though, but I just knew that nothing can touch them and their perfect union. 

I give this book all the stars and they are just not enough. It's so perfect. I just want to hug Gio and kneel for Valentin. 

Loved loved LOOOVED this book. I read it after I listened to Master's schiavo and it was like a catharsis. 

Ps. I think I'm a masochist because now I want to read Master's schiavo again... 

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