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Monday, January 11, 2021

~ A Tremendous Amount of Normal by Chase Connor ~

Author: Chase Connor
Title: A Tremendous Amount of Normal
Pages: 300
Relase date: 2018 August
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Rating: ★★★★★


Noah is normal. He's full of normal. His older brother Will tells everyone all of the time. 

Even if they don't believe him. 

Noah doesn't understand why kids in school call him a "retard." He's not intellectually disabled. In fact, he's very smart. 

But a lot of people call Will a fag-so maybe it's kind of like that. Neurotypical people don't always make sense. 

Noah doesn't understand love in the same way that his brother Will does. But maybe that's because neurotypical people don't understand love as deeply as Noah does? 

Noah is full of understanding. And so is Will. 

Noah wants a girlfriend. His brother Will may never be able to have a boyfriend. 

Maybe they need to redefine normal?

My review: 

"Pears are Chaos. I do not like Chaos."
This book.
This! Book! 

When something makes me speechless, it's always an amazing thing. I am so happy that I found Chase Connor and his books, and I'm glad that I haven't put them on my endless TBR and started read it almost immediately, because I'd be poorer. 

This book gave me so much. I was on the merge of crying on every page. I just wanted to hug Will and tell him that he is the best Will and best fictional character I know. Then tell Noah, that I want to hug him but I won't, and tell him that he is the best Noah I know and he is a role model and the strongest person I know (beside his brother). And after I'd cry my heart out because of happiness, I'd tell them that I will do anything and everything to recommend their story to everyone who wants to listen.

"My brother gives the best hugs in the world. But maybe he saves the best hugs for me."

Disabled characters / mental illness is one of my weakness, and this book is one of my favorite now in this theme. Noah's Asperger was so well written, so real and hurtful in the best ways. And the way Will handled everything, oh man I really have no words how perfect this book is. 

Beautiful in and out. Noah's journey with his Asperger was beautiful to watch, those little changes... ahh my heart! I was so happy while reading this book. This is what happiness and love looks like. 

"He doesn’t suffer from Asperger Syndrome. He suffers from a world that refuses to conform to his needs. He suffers from neurotypical people who don’t take time to try and understand him. He suffers from people who are cruel.”

Noah, Will and Manny were amazing. I'm glad I got to meet them and read their story.

I'm still overflowing with emotions. This book is a MUST READ.

And I have to mention it again that Noah's Asperger was so well portrayed. Beautiful and emotional read. LOVED IT.

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