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Friday, November 20, 2020

~ His for Hanukkah ~

Author: Reese Morrison
Title: His for Hanukkah
Series: Traditions 1
Pages: 190
Release date: 2020 November 24
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Rating: ★★★★☆


Most people like vacations. And Christmas. But lonely, Jewish, and in serious need of a Daddy, Adam isn't looking forward to the "holiday season."

Tate's been dreaming about Adam for a long time, but when he tried to pick him up, it seemed to scare him away. When he discovers that Adam's simply been too shy, he sets out to win him over. They agree to eight nights together: a chance for Tate to seduce, pamper, and delight his boy.

But will it be enough for Tate to keep him after the holiday's over?


When Adam was done grating the potatoes, Tate’s hands started moving around to his front. As Adam added the salt, his hands meandered over Adam’s chest. They glided over Adam’s nipples as if Tate didn’t notice anything about them.

Adam noticed. He bit back a moan.
His next task was putting the shredded potatoes into a cheesecloth and wringing the water out. He was finding it increasingly difficult to think, though, as Tate stroked down his thighs, narrowly missing his dick. It was starting to plump up, but Tate just continued his lazy exploration.

Adam took a deep breath and tried to focus. He broke the two eggs, dropping the shells back into the bowl. Tate slid his hands under his shirt. He might have let out a little whimper.

“Go wash your hands, sweetheart.” Adam shifted over to the sink and Tate crowded behind him.

Now he could feel Tate’s muscular chest against his back, his hard shaft pressing against his ass. He was supposed to be washing his hands to get the egg off, but he had no idea if they were clean. Tate handed him a dish towel and he mindlessly dried his hands. He allowed Tate to guide him back to the prep station, their bodies pressed closely together.

His brain was short circuiting. He knew that Tate’s body couldn’t get hard in a way that he’d be able to feel through his jeans. And he’d spent enough time this afternoon with his nose buried between Tate’s thighs to know.

Well, the mechanism was slightly different, but there was still only one way to interpret it: Tate was hard for him. God, that was hot.
When Tate started licking and sucking his neck, Adam just gave up. Latkes, shmatkes. In fact, he didn’t care if he ever ate anything again.

“Don’t forget the flour, love.” Tate said it into his neck, the words rumbling across his skin. 

“I think you need two tablespoons.”

“Mmm-hmmmm…” Adam moaned. He would agree to anything for this to continue.
Tate laughed, and it shook through both of their bodies. Adam loved that he made Tate so happy.

“Pick up the tablespoon, sweet boy. The latkes need flour.”

Adam picked up the tablespoon, grumbling even as he obeyed. Who cared about latkes?
But his grumbles quickly turned into moans. Tate was pinching his nipples and it was sending arcs of lightning through his body.
Scooping up the flour was nearly impossible. He had no idea if he got two tablespoons in, but did it matter?

My review: 

This was my first ever Hanukkah story and I really enjoyed it. I was in the mood of holiday romance and I read a few in this month, it was a bit refreshing to read something different than Christmas.

Imagine the surprise on my face when I found out it's a daddy holiday romance! I mean, you know that daddy kink is my number one favorite, so I was more than happy with it.

The story was cute, it was really insta at the beginning but I didn't mind it, the sooner thebetter and the more the merrier. 

If you are familiar with Reese's books than this isn't a new thing for you, His for Hanukkah was exactly the book I wanted and to wich I am accustomed with. Perfectly written trans character, light kink, all the romance and a bit erotica. The little touches and all the little things - those are my favorite from every Reese book. 

I enjoyed reading this book, the Hanukkah scenes were lovely and the romance really cute. The ending was good too but so abruptly, I wanted read a bit more.

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