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Monday, November 30, 2020

~ Mistaken ~ ♫


Authors: Ali Lyda & Simon Strange
Title: Mistaken
Series: Mischief 2 (can read as standalone)
Length: 6hrs 38mins
Release date: 2020 November 17
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Rating: ★★★★★


I want to be a puppy for Daddy …

I’ve known I was a puppy for a long time, but doing anything about it is impossible. I’m a virgin, so coming to terms with my kinky desires has taken some time. Getting caught with a pup mask on could ruin everything, but it doesn’t stop me from talking to a stranger online. He makes me feel things I never knew were possible, and we’ve never even met … until he invites me to Mischief.

And meeting Daddy in person is a disaster. Hank is the VP of my mother’s company, and if she finds out about us she’ll have him fired. But our chemistry is too hot to ignore and there’s no better feeling than kneeling at my Daddy’s feet. Being together could cost us everything. But how can I keep away when he’s all I’ve ever wanted?

Meet Mischief, a kink friendly community full of puppies, daddies, boys, jocks and more! Fetch a taste of the lifestyle when Arlo and Hank find out forbidden love is irresistible in this steamy m/m romance featuring puppy play, an age gap, and a Daddy who can’t keep away from his pup.

My review: 

Yes and yes and million more time yes!

I don't know how I missed that this book was out in ebook and only found out when I saw that it's out in AUDIO! HOW! But water under the bridge, here I am now, and happier than ever.

I wanted this book so bad, and I'm really happy that it gave me everything and some more. I had high expectations and it was really good.

I needed some good puppy play book in my life, I can't remember the last time I read about puppies and it's a shame because I love puppies and their Masters/Daddies.

This book was everything, the perfect boss/employee romance with age gap, secrets, BDSM club and some more. 

Loved the Daddy/puppy scenes, Arlo and Hank were so good together. Arlo was a cutie pie and Hank the perfect Daddy for him. This story gave all the warm feelings and the emotions came through perfectly. Loved listening to it, and the narrator's voices were really good for Arlo and for Hank too. 

I will re-listen to this because the story is so good. 

Highly recommend!

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