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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

~ Taming Tristan ~


Author: Leighton Greene
Title: Taming Tristan
Series: M/M Holiday Romance 2 (can standalone)
Pages: 270
Release date: 2020 February 13
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Rating: ★★★★★



I'm a trouble-maker.
Everyone at the club knows I don't kneel on command.
So what?

I’ve never met a man who’s worthy of my full surrender. I’m bored of all the wannabes who think they can expect perfect obedience without proving themselves first.

But if I don’t play nice, I’m gonna get banned from the scene.

And that’s when I meet Seth, the one guy who might have a chance at bringing me to my knees.


I'm not interested in a relationship. I like it hard, fast, uncomplicated.

But then a Hollywood producer and his plaything bet me I can’t tame a notorious trouble-maker by Valentine’s Day.

I can’t refuse—not when it comes with the promise of big money when I win. I’ll be able to pay off my family's debts.

Tristan Taylor is an enticing gamble. Whip-smart, big blue eyes, cheeky as they come. I like a challenge. I'll bring out Tristan's primal needs.

I’ll make him beg. I’ll make him obey. I’ll make him kneel…

But it'll take more than one night to train Tristan, and each session leaves me wanting something more.

Something I wasn't prepared to gamble on.

Taming Tristan was meant to be a bet. I never thought I’d wager my heart.


Taming Tristan is a standalone romance novel with humor, more than a dash of angst, and Rock-Meets-Hard-Place kinky fun. HFN/HEA guaranteed, and no cliffhangers.

My review: 

After reading the first and third book, I thougt it's time for Tristan too! And I'm so happy, because this book is the best from the series! I loved all three books, but somehow it's deeper and better then the other two.

Tristan is a brat, and it's not just written words on the pages, Tristan is really, really a brat, and I loved it so much! Everytime I read a BDSM book and there is a character who supposed to be a brat, it's anything but! But not this time, because Leighton Greene writes kink like no one else! It's real and the emotions are coming through. 

Seth was an interesting character and this Primal kink is new to me, but you know... google is my friend, so ;) 

I loved the BDSM scenes, loved when Tristan told Seth 'make me' all the time, and Seth made him. Oh god, how he made him behave and kneel too, ahh. Kneeling scenes can be so powerful if well written, and it was just that. Powerful! 

Loved, loved it! 

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