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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Writings on the Wall by Leigh Kenzie ~ Heard it in a Love Song Anthology


Heart it in a Love Song 

coming November 15!
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Author: Leigh Kenzie
Title: Writings on the Wall
Series: Vendetta short story
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4,5)


I'm chaos. I'm the one Il Padrone sends in to do the job right. When he says he needs something, I deliver. I'd say it's too bad Benjamin made the list, but something about him fascinates me. He makes me want to hunt. You better run, Benjamin, because I'm going to catch you.

I've been plucked so carelessly from my life, it's like I hardly even mattered. Yet, when I look into the eyes of my nightmare I feel more than fear. I'm nothing but a little mouse in the hands of chaos. Will I survive the storm he brings, or will I be consumed by him?

My review:

I was really excited to read this short story because I was curious about Ignacio&Benjamin. 

It started really quick and the whole story was just that, quick. I think the author wanted to write more, I have this feeling while I read it, that this story has more in it than it actually got. I wasn't disappointed, because it was good, but if I hadn't know these characters before, it wouldn't be this enjoyable for me. 

Sweet romance without darkness, it was well written and both Ignacio and Benjamin were lovely. 

Liked reading this story and it was a good distraction before the fourth book in the series, but now I really have a mighty NEED, I miss the others. 

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