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Monday, November 02, 2020

~ Shades of Darkness ~ ♫


Author: Nicky James
Title: Shades of Darkness
Series: Trials of Fear 2 (can be read as standalone)
Narrator: Adam Gold 
Length: 11hrs 6mins
Release date: 2020 October 21
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Rating: ★★★★★


Six years ago, an unforeseen incident turned Rory Gallagher’s life upside down. Now, he lives in darkness, fearing the sun, fearing light altogether. Rory has developed Heliophobia. As a creature of the night, Rory has learned to adapt to his unusual lifestyle. He draws comfort from shadows and safety from the nighttime hour. Unfortunately, his mind is the darkest place of all, and the one place he can’t seem to escape.

Finding help isn’t easy, but when Rory registers with a local, twenty-four-hour counseling center, the man he meets surprises him in more ways than one. Young psychology student, Adrian Anderson, is Rory’s complete opposite. How will this smart, preppy, do-gooder ever get through to the man with a chip on his shoulder who has learned to hate the world?

It doesn’t take long for Rory to discover they have something horrific in common. Despite rules and regulations, this sad detail helps them form a bond neither of them expected. 

Could Adrian be the shining light Rory needs to dispel the darkness for good?

My review: 

My sweet, precious Adrian! And my adorable, strong Rory! Oh, and oh! KREW!!!!

This book is one of my favorite in the series and I couldn't wait to finally listen to it on audio - and let me tell you, this was everything and more! Krew isn't the main character but he stole the show every damn time he was on the scene. I don't mind at all, because hey, it's Krew. 

The voices were perfect, Adrian was really sweet, Rory just the perfect amount of strongness and cuteness, and Krew with all the sass! Perfectly matching voices. And the way the narrator played with all those little things - he gave us all the emotions perfectly. Just as Nicky wrote the book with the emotions, Adam gave the characters life. They were real. This is how I love my audiobooks- with real emotions in my ear. When I'm able to cry over listening a story, when I'm able to giggle over Krew every time, when I can be there with Adrian and Rory too. 

The story itself amazing but with the audio, wow I have no words. Nicky James with Adam Gold is the perfect combination ever. 


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