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Monday, November 30, 2020

~ Exposed ~


Author: E. Davies
Title: Exposed
Series: Dom Nation 1
Release date: 2020 December 1
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Rating: ★★★★★


I can handle a boy for one night, but I can’t hand over my heart again.

By day, I make cupcakes. By night, I make boys beg for my firm hand. When Slate stumbles into my life, I’m captivated. He’s twenty years older, clueless about the scene, and he bulldozes the walls I’ve built to contain my primal urges.

I live my life as two halves of a broken man. But if Slate is my boy, can I be whole at last?

I wish I could find a Daddy who loves every part of me, but I’m haunted by my mistakes.

The first Dom I served broke my spirit. The second might break my heart. Rex mends my scars and shows me what I’ve always longed for. I could belong to him if he’d let me in. Instinct tells me to run from Rex’s wolfish grin, yet I can’t stay away.

Daddy gives me what I want. But what if I need Rex to chase me?

Exposed is a standalone, hurt/comfort MM romance with no cheating or cliffhangers. It contains BDSM themes including primal play, a first-timer in a kink club, humiliation, a younger Dom and older sub... and lots and lots of feels on the way to a guaranteed HEA.

My review: 

Ahh, this book! This! Book!

Loved every page of it. Perfect!

Perfectly written romance with age gap, younger dom with older sub, some hurt comfort. Lots of donuts, kink club and some really, realy hot BDSM scenes! 
Gosh, the BDSM scenes were the best - so long and with so much emotions. Loved reading it.

It was really cute, both Rex and Slate were good characters, loved them both. I loved that Slate was a bit bratty and tried to top from the bottom, it was so hilarious! And Rex was such a marshmallow for Slate, it was so so cute! He was this strong dom and knew what he wanted, then came Slate and he turned to mush. Love it!!! 

Rex and Slate's realtionship was really good, I loved how they fell in love and how they did the BDSM together. The Primal play was so hot, Rex was really a predator and I loved reading about him in this mindset. And the DADDY KINK ahh so good! Loved when Slate called him Daddy and when he called Slate baby boy or boy or all those cute names♥ Swoon worthy!

This book was really perfect, I couldn' put it down.

I have only one tiny problem - the bareback scene at the end?! They haven't talked about protection at all, and it was a bit strange. They just assumed? And after what Isaac did with Slate?... Conversation and protection above all especially if in a BDSM relationship. 

But I really loved this book. It was exactly what I needed.

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