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Monday, November 02, 2020

~ Hear Me, Daddy ~

Authors: L. Michael & M. Elton
Title: Hear Me, Daddy
Series: The Rainbow Room 2 (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 215
Release date: 2020 October 15
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Rating: ★★★★★


What will you do for love? Can you look past a medical condition and see the person underneath?

Victim's Rights Lawyer Caden Evans has a tedious life. Work. Home. Repeat. He is ready for a change. What he desires more than anything is someone to fill the empty void in his heart. A man to cuddle and care for. A man who is into age play and will be his Little Boy. Can a chance encounter at the Rainbow Room be the answer to his silent prayers?

Henry Reed is a bestselling author who writes age play novels. But what he wants most is a Daddy Dom. Just like in his stories. But a terrible accident at fourteen left Henry deaf and with other chronic medical issues. He thinks he's broken, and that no self-respecting Daddy will want a broken Boy. He’s afraid that his dark past and medical condition will keep him from finding a Daddy. Caden and Henry meet, but can they look past the broken pieces of their lives and find love?

This is an AGE PLAY book between two male characters. There will be diaper changes (because of medical issues) and other aspects of age play. If that does not appeal to you, do not read this book.

Content warning: The conversations can get occasionally dark. There is discussion about cults, Nazi's, and hate crimes.

My review: 

The sweetes and cutest age play, it was so good! 

I was a bit afraid of this story, because the first book in the series was really, really good and one of my favorite ageplay book, so I had high expectations. But oh yeah, this book was just as amazing as the first! 

The deaf/ASL side of the story was a really big surprise for me, I'm such a sucker for disabled characters, and Henry was such a cutie! Loved him and his insecurities. And Caden just aww, such a marshmallow daddy. Loved these two.

The hurst/comfort was really heartbreaking and well written. I was hurting for Henry. He came a long way and he deserves all the happiness with his unicorn Daddy! 

Loved the caretaking part of the story, the diaper changes were my favorites and when Henry felt broken, but Caden put him to right. The blanket fort scene was so, so sweet! I just love a caring daddy, and the authors wrote exactly this kind of daddies. 

I was happy while reading this book and this is what I'm looking for in a Daddy kink book. Perfect story. Loved it! And highly recommend it!

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