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Saturday, November 14, 2020

~ The Offering ~


Author: Rosary Deville
Title: The Offering
Series: Wolves of Wereduin 1
Pages: 212
Release date: 2020 November 13
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Rating: ★★★★★


As a beta in Wereduin society, Fern has no choice but to be mated when he comes of age. The ideal beta wereduin was subservient to their alpha, bears young, and knows their place in society.
Fern isn't like that.
Rather than become an extension of his alpha, Fern wants to play in his band, hang out with his friends, and stay himself.
Now of age, Fern is to be placed in the Offering—an annual ceremony where alphas hunt and claim their beta mates. And whose attention does Fern attract? None other than Donovan Blackfang, a Highborne alpha who will stop at nothing but to claim Fern’s heart, body, and soul.

My review: 


I never thought this book will be THIS AMAZING. OMG. I'm in love! One of my favorite this year, it was everything.

The world building is so awesome! The alpha/beta part was really interesting, every other shifter book is alpha/omega pairing but not in this one. The betas are who's getting pregnant, and ahh the whole mating scheme is SO GOOD! 

Wolves, vampires, zombies... all the awesome things. Loved everyone in this world.

The book was from Fern's POV and I loved it. It held my interest from the very start, I really couldn't put it down. Don was a real alpha, and it was so great to see him from Fern's view. All the action and love, and romance and erotica and ahhhh, so, so good. 

Don is a strong alpha and I just loved those scenes when he got in full protection mode and did everything to protect his beta, his love, his Fern♥ 

As I said, the world building was the best in this story, it is so well written and so many things are there. It's a really unique story, not your everyday shifter romance at all. I love finding new authors and when it turns out this awesome I just love it more! 

Oh, I can't recommend it enough. Everyone needs to read this book. The best ever! 

I was so, so sad when it ended at 90%, I just wanted to read more. I need more Fern and Don in my life and I miss the others too. This series has so many potential and I can't wait to read more from it.


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