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Thursday, November 26, 2020

~ IRA - Vendetta 4 ~


Author: Leigh Kenzie
Title: Ira
Series: Vendetta 4 (not a standalone)
Release date: 
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Rating: ★★★★☆


My fury consumes me. Nobody is safe from it. I will bring my Emilio home. I will rebuild my empire. I’ll demolish anyone standing in my way.

He thinks he has me beat. He thinks he’s in control. If there’s one thing Master taught me, I make my own destiny. I’ll claw my own way out and when I do they’d better prepare. Nobody has ever seen the likes of me.

What happens when vengeance and fury twist together?

Trigger warnings: Contains graphic violence, extreme sexual situations, and homophobic scenes. Please see inside for more warnings.

This is a continuous series. The first three books must be read prior to this one.

My review: 


I am so, SO Happy! I have no words! After that 'killer' *ha-ha* cliffhanger in the third book, I needed to know some things, so when I got this book to read, I immediately started to read it. And oh my god, I was the happiest when I found out what I wanted to know - and to know that I was right! Thank you for making me happy with this book.

It's hard to write about this book without spoiler, and the things I want to say are mostly spoilery, so it's haaaaard, aghhhhh. But!

Alessandro - aww, boy. I love Il Padrone so much! He was the best in this book. And Emilio, finally! 

LOVED it! 

It wasn't as exciting as the previous books but I still enjoyed it. I really can't wait the next one, and now I can breath easily because this book hasn't ended in a bad cliffhanger. 

Luca, oh Luca!!! I knew it and I'm so happy that Il Padrone gave him an empty gun. Ahh my heart!
And when Emilio found out about Luca and went to Il Padrone, ahh that scene! I was afraid but it was handled really well. And how hot it was.

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