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Thursday, November 26, 2020

~ Dreams ~


Author: Kate Hawthorne
Title: Dreams
Release date: 2020 December 3
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Rating: ★★★★★ (4,5)


Jackson Bishop doesn't know what's real.

He had a birthday. He met a man. He buried his mother. He got lost in the woods, and then...

Jackson woke up.

It's his birthday again and his mother is alive, but the man from his dream is selling him a coffee and he doesn't know Jackson's name. Fragments of his memories become tangible threads of his reality and, as the days and nights unravel, Jackson finds himself falling for a stranger he feels like he's known his whole life.

Jackson needs to uncover the truth before he loses his mind, but when he pieces everything together, will he come out with a soul mate by his side or will he wake up and discover none of it was real? That everything ended much as it had started.

As a dream.
My review: 

This book was a bit different from Kate - but oh, so GOOD! 

I loved every page of it. It was pure love and romance. Soul mates with a touch of magic. 

Jackson and Taylor both were amazing characters, loved reading about their lovestory. The whole dream-thing was so well written and I loved that Jackson didn't know a thing about his dreams, while on the other hand it was clear that Taylor knows everything and just waits. 

It broke my heart a little that Taylor knew everything and waited in his whole life for Jackson. 

The romance was amazing and everything was well written. Jackson's mother was really good, I liked her. 

It was an unique story and loved reading it. 

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