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Sunday, January 10, 2021


Hello everyone! What a year 2020 was... 

While it was mostly filled with covid-19, let's see the bright side of 2020; I had the time to read all the books! LOL. My TBR is still endless, but holy shit, I read 526 books last year! I read 2 and a half year amount of books, my goal is always 150-200 books, so I never thought I will end the year with this many books. 

It seems plenty, but there were a lot short stories, 50-100 pages. But still...! :)

So it wasn't easy to pick my favorites from 526 books, but I picked them blindly. I haven't looked back on my reading list to pick them, I only choose those that I still remember and made a really big impression on me. So really, congrats all of you on this list, because you made it! You've made awesome stories with amazing characters who will stay with me forever. And remember, you have been chosen from a list of 526 books!

I've made three lists, the first is my favorite reads, and I linked my reviews under them too. 

Next, you'll see my favorite new-to-me author list, where you can find their websites too.

And last, my favorite covers!

Let's start...

These are my favorite books from 2020, they were all 5+ star reads/listens, and they are in random order - I loved them all.

We Have Till Dawn by Cara Dee

Breathless by Cara Dee

Disciplinary Action by Onley James

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall and Joe Jameson


Chadwick series by C.P. Harris

Beloved by the Boss by Leighton Greene

Married to the Mobster by Leigthon Greene

Rough Love series by Leighton Greene

Finch by Piper Scott and Virginia Kelly & Michael Ferraiuolo


The Offering by Rosary Deville

Handled series by Romilly King

Iblis' Affliction by Nero Seal

Demon Gate Vol. 4 by Nicholas Bella and Christian J. Gilliand

Against Fate by Damian Bloom

Talos by A.G. Carothers

Shiver by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

PresLocke series by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine


And let's see my favorite new-to-me authors from 2020. I've met some really great authors through their books, and I'm greatful for some of their friendship too! 

(in ABC order) *if you click on their names, it takes you to their websites

Charlie Novak
C.P. Harris
Damian Bloom
Leigh Kenzie
Leighton Greene
Lily Morton
Reese Morrison
Romilly King
Travis Beaudoin

And last but not least, these are my favorite covers:

These books were 4-5 star reads too, 
some made my favorite book list too, some not, 
but I loved these books too.

Thank you all. 
For the readers who follow my reviews, and for the authors who kind enough to let me read their books early. You rock! 

Let's hope for an easier 2021, but with plenty of books.

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