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Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Favorite reads from December

As you can see, I've read a tons of books in December. They were mostly KU reads and ~100 pages, but I had some longer one too.

Check out my favorite book from last month:

 đŸŽ„Favorite Holiday romance:

Dear Daddy, Please Hold Us by Colette Davison

📔Favorite Short story: 

Bryce Can Play stories by Travis Beaudoin

❤Favorite dark romance: 

Polished by Romilly King

🎧Favorite audiobook: 

Clashing Hearts by Nicky James & Nick J. Russo

👀Favorite new-to-me author:

Travis Beaudoin 

🎀Favorite from a new-to-me author: 

The Placebo Effect by Amelita Rae

🐺Favorite mpreg: 

Heat Race by Tanya Chris

💓Favorite of the month:

Rule Breakers by Nicky James

Without category, but LOVED them: 

Jingle Bell Rock by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Heartbeat Repeating by E.M Lindsey

Tarnished Cages by R. Phoenix

Beloved 1-2 by Amelita Rae

Locked & Pledged by Tanya Chris 

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