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Thursday, November 26, 2020

~ Cleansed ~


Author: Romilly King
Title: Cleansed
Series: Handled 2 (not a standalone)
Pages: 156
Release date: 2020 November 27
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Rating: ★★★★★ (4,5)


Sometimes you have to go back in order to go forward – Gray is going back to handle the man who saw him as an angel, and unleashed the demon in him.

I am a Handler; I deal with serial killers, legally, ruthlessly, and in the presence of my Witness, because justice must be seen to be done.

Handling is an intimate procedure. I only perform for an audience of one; for my Witness, with his hot eyes and his innocent heart, and the pure white soul that I dirtied up so beautifully.

Now someone else is watching, the man who refined the monster in me. I can’t allow that to continue, particularly as he threatens the Witness who has caused the frozen lump in my chest that I laughingly refer to as a heart, to sporadically beat.

This isn’t about retribution; this is cleaning up the past so I have a chance at a future.

Cleansed is the second book in the Handled trilogy, it is a dark gay romance dealing with adult themes and contains graphic scenes that may upset some readers. Please heed the trigger warnings inside.

My review:

It was so good to be back with Gray and Nathan, I missed them so much. 

Loved reading this book, on a different level than the first one, but it's still love. 

It's a dark romance, and while the first one was mostly dark, this was romance. Sweet and lovely romance. Okay, still dark, but it's the perfect balance between the two book. Gray was more human and I fell for him more page after page. He is still a psycopath, because there is no miracle or angels, but a lovely psycopath. 

Loved the little changes in Gray, and when he cried - oh god that scene! The connection between Gray and Nathan, their relationship, their love - it's so good and real. And I love how Nathan handles everything. I love Nathan and Indigo's relationship, Nathan has so much love to give and he has two psycopath whose brain works different. It's really fascinating to watch how Nathan love these two and how they are accepting it. 

Gray is a really well written character and it's really exciting to read about those stuff he does and how he thinks. I love being in Gray's POV. 

The story was a little slower than the first and it wasn't as exciting, but after a while it got interesting too. I really can't wait to read the last book, I'm curious how they will end up together and how everything will turn out. I want to see more Indigo and more sweet Gray. 

The ending was good and I was really sad that it ended - but that little webcam scene was worth everything. 

I feel I could talk about Gray for hours and how perfect he is, but you have to check it for yourself. Read this book!

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