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Monday, December 28, 2020

~ Polished by Romilly King ~


Author: Romilly King
Title: Polished
Series: Handled 3 (not a standalone)
Pages: 133
Release date: 2020 December 26
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Rating: ★★★★★


How deadly do you have to be to kill a killer?

Handlers are hard to kill, and to be fair most of us like the challenge when people try, but now someone is killing off handlers in bloody and complex ways.

Not my problem.

Not anymore.

I got out, I got free, and I don’t want to go back.

But someone is offering a favour if I handle this, a valuable one, and it could make all the difference to how this story ends.

Handlers don’t expect a happy ever after; most of us don’t even know what one looks like. I do, my happy ever after is blue eyed and frequently filthy and deliciously mouthy and he bends the way I want him to bend. And I could have that. All I have to do is take on one more handling, and ensure we both survive it.

The odds are not with me this time though.

I really should have kept on killing, I'm out of practice.

Polished is the third book in the Handled trilogy, it is a dark gay romance dealing with adult themes and contains graphic scenes that may upset some readers. Please heed the trigger warnings inside.

My review: 

I'm speechless. And happy. And sad, because it's the end of Gray and Nathan's story. 

This series was a great journey and I loved every minute of it. I fell in love with Gray and Nathan easily and it's hard to say goodbye to them, but I do it happily, because at the end, they got what they deserved, and I'm happy for them. 

"Someday I really need to tell Nathan exactly how much I care for him." 

If this quote doesn't tell everything then nothing does. Gray is the 'dark' character in this series and he is the one who isn't capable for emotions... at least that's what you think if you haven't see through him. I saw Gray and I knew it from the beginning that he has the biggest heart and I couldn't wait to see him to recognize it himself too. And for Nathan to hear those three words from Gray. Oh, man, this book was so good! Romance all the way through the darkness. 

I loved Indi and Trans, I loved that we got to see Gray and Nathan at the beginning when they were free. I loved that Gray was this strong and clever, and Nathan just went with the flow and waited for Gray to be himself again (Nathan missed 'free' Gray, but really, the Handler Gray is hot too!). It was frustrating both for Nathan and for me to see Gray become Handler again, but he did it so well, and he was right with the 'us is the sacrifice' thing. 

Loved reading this book and it was just as good as the other two. I couldn't pick a favorite, I loved reading all of them. Gray and Nathan got real close to me and their story is one of my favorite this year. 

Highly recommend reading this series! Dark romance all the way. With the happiest ending of all. 

Gray and Nathan deserves to be happy and free and they desereves to be sweet and cute while madly in love with each other. 

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