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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

~ Too Close to Fall ~

Author: M. A. Innes (Shaw Montgomery)
Title: Too Close to Fall
Series: Loving 4 (can not be read as a standalone!)
Pages: 136
Release date: 2018 November
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3,5)


Kevin and Jeremy think that a vacation at the end of the summer will be the perfect way to start their new year at college. Sun, surf, and a fun anniversary gift from their neighbors is the perfect way to celebrate. Unfortunately, the past keeps rearing its controlling, judgmental head. But Jeremy and Kevin aren’t willing to back down any longer—they’re done running.

Leaving everything behind and starting fresh at college was supposed to help them break away from a past that would never accept their relationship. But some people don’t understand when to give up and walk away. Luckily, Jeremy and Kevin aren’t alone when it comes to defending their love. With their new friends and the amazing family they’ve found, they know there’s nothing they can’t overcome.

My Review:

I am sad, because this is the first time i didn't give 5 star to one of Shaw's book. But there is always a first time to everything... 
I really love this series, Jeremy and Kevin are so cute and good together, i loved their road, it was beautiful how they fell in love, but this book was nothing... Really nothing. It was like the time stopped and nothing is happening. The story wasn't going anywhere and the characters were just talking to each other about nothing at all. It was boring. 

"I had to take care of him... love was written in every part of me."

I love Maddox and Bryan and was happy that they were around, but they didn't do anything either to the story.

It's possible i've read it at the wrong time, or i don't know...but it wasn't for me, this book is not as good as the others.

Story Contains: M/M sexual content of a taboo nature that some readers may find objectionable.

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