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Saturday, December 08, 2018

~ Worth the Fight ~

Author: Kate Hawthorne
Title: Worth the Fight
Series: Giving Consent 3 (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 288
Release date: 2018 December
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Rating: 🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁


Justin and Micah Townsend thought they had it all. With six happy years behind them, Keith tumbles into their world and throws the expectations for their life and their future to the wind.

Keith Warren thought he'd made the right decisions. After fleeing an abusive partner and starting over in a new city, he's now getting an education about things he never knew existed. With Justin and Micah leading the way, Keith focuses his energy on being a good submissive and a deserving partner.

Micah is quick to see the good Keith can bring to his marriage, but Justin is hesitant. Thinking toward the future, Justin's only concern has always been keeping Micah, and his heart, safe. His worst fears come true when Keith vanishes out of their lives, and his guard is up when he unexpectedly returns.

Justin, Micah, and Keith come together once again in an explosion of desire that forces Micah to admit he wants more than his husband and requires Justin to recognize he has room in his heart for not one, but two partners. With their support, Keith battles against the demons of his youth, making strides towards a life none of them ever dreamed they could have.

But Keith's past becomes all of their present in a shocking fight for dominance that leaves the foundation they've built together shattered. Justin, Micah, and Keith need to find strength to fight through yet another test of their love to reach the happy ending they all deserve.

My review:

Kate is THE Queen of perfection! She can not write bad, anything she writes is AHHH-mazing!

🐎 - horse tail plug
🐁- little mouse nickname
☁ - cloud watching 
💕+💗 - established couple plus one 

This book has everything i love, BDSM, menage, romance, erotica, fighting for love, and VERITY! :D 

"...whether you liked to get fucked or be fucked had no bearing on your preferences as a dom or a sub..."
Justin and Micah's love is so good and their marriage is perfect, they have a perfect life and perfect love... and then comes Keith, and the perfect life becomes more perfect with him. I loved reading this book so much, the story was so good, the BDSM scenes super HOT, the love scenes and when they were on date were super cute, and everything was beautiful.

the photo is from Kate's fb page, this is not my work

Justin was my favorite character, but i loved how everyone has changed especially Keith! 
!SPOILER---- Keith is a Switch!---SPOILER!
OMG it was soooooo goood and hot ahhhhh ♥ Justin was so perfect with him. And at the end, oh my goooood! That scene with Rick at Rapture... OMG, Justin♥♥♥
And that tattoo at the end, awwww 😍

I loved Keith's relationship with Justin, and with Micah too, and i loved how they worked together as a trouple too.

“How do you feel around me?”
“Like I just finished an amazing book and found out there’s a sequel.”
This was pure perfection.
Perfect menage.
Perfect BDSM.
Perfect love story.
Perfect book.
Perfect author.

And GOD how much i need Verity's story! Verity and Aaron was cute together and i can not wait to read their book, i love Verity from their very first appearance♥

Highly recommend this book! No- i recommend EVERYTHING from Kate! 

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