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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

~ Marked by Love ~

Author: Rowan Porter
Title: Marked by Love
Pages: 220
Release date: 2018 November
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4,5)


Dragons aren’t supposed to be real.

I mean, I should be in jail right now instead of playing Indiana Jones in the Amazon, life is strange, I get it.

But there’s a difference between a lucky break evading the cops, and…dragons. With wings, and fire, and vows of vengeance for stealing their treasure.

I’m aware I don’t come off great here. But someone’s gotta look out for number one. And the money I could make here is life-changing cash.

It took me too long to realize Jinnos is more than just eye candy and a freakshow exhibit. He’s lived centuries. Seen and done things I can’t imagine. Maybethe last of his kind.

He looked past the thief to a better me I had no clue existed.

I can live with being too late to earn his forgiveness, as long as I’m not too late to save him.
But does it still count as saving the day, when you’re the only reason anyone needs saving?

Humans have only gotten more exasperating since I last left the rainforest.

Take the wretch who stole from me. Max shows no remorse when confronted with his crimes. Only physical threats make an impact. But then he saves me, when I’m near death and he’s nearly off the hook. Those are terrible self-preservation instincts.
Or there’s the sex. Because somewhere between hunting him and hiring him to be my guide to the outside world, I started bedding the brat. Venting my frustrations on him, leaving painful souvenirs of our passionate encounters. It’s as though he’s punishing himself as much as I’m punishing him.

Every morning I plan to be rid of him, convinced he’ll be my ruin. Every night I grip him tighter, marking him as mine, a replacement for the treasure I’ve long since forgotten.

There’s something he’s not telling me, despite my heart whispering to give him the benefit of the doubt. And I have no answers for any of it, least of all when he asks what’s so special about him.
Some things you just know to be true, even when you can’t explain why…

My review: 

OHMYYY! YES! I need more dragon in my life! And this book was exactly what i needed the most! It was so good i couldn't put it down. The two POV was super, i always love it better when i can be in both MC's head. 

I had a chance to read an ARC copy, and you need to know one thing about me; if i'm told to read something i didn't planned and i know nothing about it, i never, and i mean never read it with passion. But this! THIS! I loved it from the very first page, it got under my skin and i enjoyed it so much! 

The dragon things were amazing, i loved Jinnos's hoard, his passion, and how he loved reading books, and i loved, really loved when he shifted into dragon. I loved everything about him, expect one thing...his name, lol. It's strange to me, and i couldn't imagine him someone like Jinnos... 

"I didn't want children. I didn't want a mate. The only thing i wanted was to be left alone with my books and my peace and quiet."

And Max! Lol, he was a funny character. I can't say i loved him, but he was okay sometimes. But the way he changed was some good thing! And the connection between Max and Jinnos was good, not to mention the sexual tension and the erotic scenes, omg!!!! But i need to mention the cute romantic ones too, aww they were so cute together! ♥

"I was a glutton for everything in life: food, drink, money, freedom, sex. It didn't matter what it was. When I wanted something, I wanted all of it until I'd overindulged and satisfied myself."

I loved reading it, it was a really good book. And as i said, i need more dragon, so please recommend good ones to me, thanks ;)

Thank you for the ARC, it was my honest review. I recommend it! 

Marked By Love is a standalone M/M Dragon Shifter romance featuring one powerful beast and a pretty handsome dragon. This is a hot tale, and it’s not just the fire, but the passion that burns between them. 18+ only, please.

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