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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

~ Exposed ~

Author: Nicholas Bella
Title: Exposed
Series: Cobra - The Vigilante 6 (can not be read as standalone!)
Pages: 104
Release date: 2018 November
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Rating: ★★★★★


"Is the risk worth the reward?"
I know I'm close to breaking open this murder ring, I can feel it in my bones. But there's just one problem. I can't do it alone. Hell, I can't even do it with Jordan's help. I need back up because we're about to take on the biggest fish in this Killing Game pond. I'm not known for networking with other superheroes, mainly because I don't like answering to anyone but myself. However, I may have to put my personal feeling aside and learn to play nice with others. I just hope that doesn't backfire on me in the worst way possible.

My review:

YES yes yes and a million ore yeses! Nicholas Bella did it again, he can not write wrong, only the best of the best! It was amazing! Cobra is back and i love him more then ever. 
I love how badass, clever, cute, lovely and a mouthy and funny asshole he is. He is so complex, but it's not new, Nicholas's every character are this way and this is why every book he writes are marvelous!

I love Eric and Jordan's relationship, and Bishop seems a good guy too, i can't wait to know more about him and see what will happen with the Killing Game. And Alexi! Oh my god, i missed this silver fox so much, and i am so happy about the things between him and Eric.
Richard, LOL, i love the way how Eric handles him, and the dialogues between them are hilarious! 
So it was perfect. Perfect, but way too short :( and the lack of erotic scenes, damn it, zero sex! whaaaat!?

Warning: This is a novella serial series that will be coming at you fully loaded with hot, gay sex. Yes, there will be all kinds of bodily fluids splashing and squirting in all directions with each episode. Expect body parts to be sliced, diced, gouged, and even ripped apart because I don't half step. This is a series intended for adults only, who want a superhero that loves to play dirty... and by dirty, I mean grimy as hell.

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