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Thursday, November 22, 2018

~ Unconventional ~

Author: M. A. Innes (Shaw Montgomery)
Title: Unconventional
Series: m/m age play romance, second book, the first is Unexpected, but it can be read as standalone
Pages: 206
Release date: 2018 November
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Rating: ★★★★


Curiosity might have killed the cat—but Finn is hoping it will make him a better Dom.

Finn isn’t sure what form of BDSM calls to him more, but what he does know is that he’s drawn to a certain English professor. Unfortunately, Professor Sexy—as he’s known by his students—is skittish, and Finn knows he needs to take it slow. Teasing Beckett with little notes and presents might be a little outside the box, but Finn never claimed to be conventional.

Beckett will admit he’s curious about his not-so-secret admirer, but he isn’t sure he’s ready to take the next step.

Beckett has always maintained a strict policy about not dating anyone associated with the college, but he’s never been so tempted before. Even if he wants to know who’s been leaving him the notes, there’s still one big question left. Does Beckett’s mysterious admirer know what Beckett’s into, or is he expecting a much more conventional professor?

When an untrained Dom falls for an older, hesitant sub, sparks fly in the most unconventional ways.

My review: 

I have a new favorite Shaw M. book! It was so good i didn't want to end. 

I loved the stalking and the teacher/student connection. One of my weakness is when a teacher is falling in love with one of his student, and add to the mix the BDSM, and a younger DOM, and you get the perfectly amazing book.

Finn and Beckett were so cute. And i loved Ryland's presence, he is so funny, and i love when Finn is pushing his buttons, they are fun together. And i'm happy to see Ryland with his daddy ♥ 
Finn is an awesome character, i loved how confident and strong he was, and how excited he could be about everything. And the stalking, lol! 
Beckett was a bit different, i liked him, but only with Finn. When he was alone, ha was kinda pathetic and boring ... but with Finn, OMG!!! the pages was burning in my hands while reading! It was extra hot and sexy! 
AND the side characters, yaaay, Bryan, Maddox,Kevin and Jeremy♥ 

I loved this book. Cute, funny, sexy, HOT... highly recommend it! One of the best from Shaw!

Story Contains: Spanking, mild BDSM, Puppy Play, and mild exhibitionism

**While this is a standalone novel, the events in this story take place directly after Unexpected. Reading Unexpected is not necessary to enjoy Unconventional but will show more about Finn’s friendship with Ryland.**

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