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Saturday, August 17, 2019

~ Future Ex Enemy ~

Authors: Kate Hawthorne - EM Denning
Title: Future Ex Enemy
Series: Future 3 (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 210
Release date: 2019 August 8
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Rating: ★★★★★


If there's one thing David Cranston hates, it's Luis Montgomery.

When he finds out they've both been invited to participate in a floral contest that could make or break both of their careers, David dives in, ready to win.
But there's only one problem, and there's only one bed.

David and Luis are forced together and tension isn't the only thing running hot between the two of them. David realizes he wants to come out on more ways than one.

A drunken night and a hungover morning leave both men regretting actions that found them a little bit too close. Unfortunately, they keep getting closer, and closer, until the lines between hate and desire blur into something far more complicated than either of them bargained for.

Back home, Luis and David struggle to make sense of their feelings, and Luis has to face some hard truths. He thought he hated David and his roses and his baby's breath and his lemon verbena lotion, but he was so wrong.

Because if there's one thing Luis Montgomery loves, it's David Cranston.

My review: 

YESSS and a million more time yes! Now that's what I'm talking about if I want enemies to lovers. All the anger filled hate sex and the tension between David and Luis ahhh! 

I loved this book so much! The story was unique, i mean flowerists? The book was full with many flowers and with all the anger, ahh just perfect! I couldn't put it down. 

And the lemon verbena LOL! Luis was so cute, strong, clever and his sight for the flowers was awesome. I feel the whole flower thing as Luis - everyone and everything is just old and they fear the change. But not Luis!  
David on the other hand- i loved his tenacity for his way with the flowers, how he used to do everything, and he was strong and persistent. 

It was perfect and amazing, loved the connection between David and Luis - aka Cranston and Montgomery. And the love between them was so sweet. 

Hihgly recomennd it.

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