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Thursday, August 01, 2019

~ Under His Heel ~ Series review

Author: Adara Wolf
Title: Under His Heel 
Pages: 357
Release date: 2018 March
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Rating: ★★★★★

Title2: A Kidnapping
Pages2: 79
Release date: 2018 June
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Rating: ★★★★★

Title3. Under Control
Pages3: 189
Release date: 2018 December
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Rating: ★★★★★

My reviews: 

Under His Heel:

HOLY FUCK! I am such an idiot! Why just now? I could read it sooner! I lived under a rock, i am so angry with myself.

This book was so awesome! I loved every page of it! So dark and so everything I love. I never dreamed of a book this perfect for me. I just read and thought about one dark thing, and the next thing I know it's on the next page. How?! Perfectly written for me and my likes. I felt this good only one time - when I found Nicholas Bella and his New Haven series! That series is the BEST EVER! But now, wow, I need more Adara Wolf book in my life! 

Perfectly dark and beautifully kinky. 

Tracht and Alex, aww! I loved everything. Tracht is so perfect and I am so jealous of Alex! I want to be in Alex position and be the center of Tracht's every thought. I love when he is petting Alex or just touch him, that little moments are everything. And all those dark things he did to/with him! 

And that scene with Nick!!!! SHIT so good and hot! But damn, every scene was really over the moond good!


A Kidnapping: 

Aww! This short story was so good! I was happy that I bought this book last week when it was on sale, because i could read it right after I finished Under His Heel. I didn't want to pulled out of this world, I just needed more Tracht and Alex. And what a perfect little story it was! Tracht was so hot and caring and aww, everything! I fell in love with him more page after page. 

Under His Control:

I was afraid it wouldn't be as dark as the first two, but holy shit! SO GOOD! I have no words! Tracht is the most perfect ever! This side of him, oh my god, give me a real life Tracht please!♥

And Alex, so cute and how much he changed over the years. 

Loved every page and every moment. This was the best 2 days of my life - reading this amazing series! 

I want everyone to read this! If you love dark, and I mean really dark stories, don't hesitate, buy it and read! You won't regret it I promise!

Give me more like this! And give me more Tracht and Alex. Or just Tracht! Please! Please say it will be more! 


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