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Thursday, August 29, 2019

~ All or Nothing ~

Author: EM Denning
Title: All or Nothing
Series: Upstate Education 4 (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 234
Release date: 2019 August 28
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Rating: ★★★★☆


Patrick Lindsay wasn’t looking for anything when he met Shawn Waters. Flirty and forward, the younger man didn’t seem opposed to an open relationship. They could see other people, the exact level of commitment Patrick wanted.
Shawn was looking for a good time when he stumbled into the arms of two people who seemed destined to be together, but for an unknown reason, weren’t. Will Steele and Dean Baldwin had danced around each other for years, their feeling gradually growing with time. When they included Shawn in their bed for one steamy night, it changed everything forever.
Almost missing out on a chance to have something serious with Will forces Dean to admit his feelings, but Will has grown attached to Shawn and doesn’t want to give him up. Rather than walk away with nothing, Dean agrees that Will can have them both.
When the three of them first discuss this crazy plan, they realize they should talk with someone who has been down the same road. Shawn thinks his boyfriend Patrick is just the person. But Patrick isn’t sure what he can offer the trio. His marriage ended when his husband ran off with their boyfriend and he doesn’t feel qualified to lead them down that path.

My review: 

I love this series and i love reading mm+ books (in this case mmmm). And I loved reading this book, but something was missing. I couldn't feel the characters, i just read their story and i hate when i don't feel connection at least to one character.

The stroy was good, i liked the two pairing - Patrick and Shawn , Will and Dean. And I liked it when they realized what they wanted. But Shawn was the best. He was THE best in this book, i loved him the most and I think the whole book and all the characters played around him. 

The erotic scenes were really good, but i missed more mm+ scenes. The storytelling was good, everyone got their chapter and their own little bubble of happiness with one of the other character.

After all, i liked this book, but i think my favorite in the series is still the first one. I loved all 4 books and all the couples with their love story and with all the sexy scenes. I'm gonna miss this gang (bang LOL). 

Thank you for the chance for reading an ARC copy of this book and for all the others too! I mean I got all 4 books in ARC, how cool?! 

If you new this, then drop everything and start this series! You won't regret it, I promise! 

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