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Thursday, August 01, 2019

~ Open Encounters ~

Authors: Luna David - Morningstar Ashley
Title: Open Encounters
Series: Kink Chronicles 2
Pages: 107
Release date: 2019 July 24
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4,5)


I knew the moment I saw him that he was going to change my life. What I didn't know was how. One thing had been clear...I wanted him. I felt his stare across the room, had felt his pull and desire in my core.

Nothing's changed since that night three years ago. He can still control me with his eyes. He can still heat me up in minutes. He shows me a world I never knew existed. A world filled with passion and desire and the freedom of sex in all forms. He gives me everything I didn't know I needed. I'm his and he's mine, and he proves that to me every day.

My review: 

I loved the short story back in the Keep it Kinky Giveaway, and i was happy to read the whole story too! If you read the short freebie too, you can skip that part in this book and start at 20-25% - but honestly, i've read and enjoyed it again :)

The story was hot, I loved Misha and Geoff's relationship and their d/s lifestyle too. Misha is the best ever! And how Geoff is with him, just AWWW! 
They are perfect for each other, and the things they do is beautiful. I love good BDSM and d/s books, and this was it. Perfectly written with lovely characters.


I don't know why, because i'm dying for m/m/m books. I really don't get why i'm this way with this book, but i was torn apart between love and dislike. 

As I said, Geoff and Misha IS perfect! In every way. And then we got Geoff's best friend, Lukas into the picture. Don't get me wrong, it was utterly hot and I loved very much... i really can't explain myself lol. Whatever, it was a really good read and loved it so much. Can't wait for the next book! 

I've read and ARC copy for an honest review♥

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