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Thursday, August 29, 2019

~ Desperately Seeking ~

Author: Kate Hawthorne
Title: Desperately Seeking
Series: Giving Consent spin off, totally can be read as standalone
Pages: 114
Release date: 2019 August 15
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Rating: ★★★★★🔥


A spin-off of the Giving Consent series, Desperately Seeking includes three stories that take place in the infamous alcove loft space at Rapture.

Part 1 - Seeking Surrender
Chaz and Raf
Since moving to Los Angeles, I've been living my best life. I'm in love with my boyfriend, Rafael, but our relationship goes so much deeper than that. Because he's not just my boyfriend, he's also my Dom. Raf takes me over the edge and he's only getting started. This is what I've been seeking my whole life, this care, this pain...this surrender.

Part 2 - Seeking Destruction
Kevin and Ronan
There's a world beyond my drafting table and I'm ready to live it. I've had too many boring partners and wasted dates to delay taking control of my life any longer. I find Ronan online, and I'm pretty sure he can give me what I'm looking for, so we have our first date in the loft of a club and get to know each other in all the ways that count. But when our first night comes to an end, our exploration is just beginning.

Part 3 - Seeking Violation
Harry, Darren, and…
I have big aspirations, and one night, I finally admit them to my best friend, Darren. Something sparks between us and he agrees to help me set up the encounter of my dreams. He takes me to Rapture and invites along five of his new friends, and well me? I'm about to have the time of my life.
My review: 

OMG what did I read?! LOVE IT. All the kink, and i mean ALL THE KINK! Aww it was perfect! Perfectly perfect on so many levels. I have no words. But not a surprise, it's Kate Hawthorne we're talking about.

I saw the kink list before started to read it, but i didn't want to believe we get all those... damn, did we get all the kink!!!

I loved all 3 stories, I couldn't pick one to favorite, each one was unique and smoking hot!

I couldn't put into words what I feel right now because it was so perfect, I just want to read it forever. Give me more books like this.

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