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Friday, August 09, 2019

~ Bond ~ ♫

Authors: Piper Scott & Virginia Kelly (Lynn Van Dorn)
Title: Bond
Series: Forbidden Desires 2
Narrator: Michael Ferrauiolo
Length: 8hrs 58mins
Release date: 2019 July 29
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Rating: ★★★★★⍣


Adorably naive and shockingly brilliant Harrison Lessardi only needs two things in life: his pet iguana, Steve, and his undying love of science. That is until he witnesses his best friend lay eggs, and a third must-have strolls into his apartment - the sardonic and mischievous Everard Drake.

Everard Drake, celebrated doctor of the tremendously wealthy Drake family, has one goal in mind when he arrives at the scene of his youngest brother’s latest disaster: incinerate Harrison Lessardi. Unfortunately for Everard, the moment he spots Harry, incineration becomes an impossibility - he must have the gorgeous beta as his own, even if it means holding him captive on his estate.

But something else lurks behind Everard’s interest in Harry - something that tugs at Everard’s soul in impossible ways, and that will send Everard and Harry down a rabbit hole of discovery that will change the world as they know it.

An alpha and a beta can’t share a bond.

Can they?

My review: 

OhMYYYYY! I have no words for this audio. It was so perfect in every way! Michael Ferrauiolo's voice is amazing and the way he played Harry - OMG! No! Words! 

Harry's voice is the most amazing ever, and he is the very best character ever written! I loved listening to this book so much! I listened it 2 times now! 2 times! No kidding! And I need more!

I knew it would be amazing but it was better so much better than I've dreamed of.

Highly recommend it! The series is my favorite, but the audios are amazing too, and it's really a miracle. Find a series you love to death and then the audio is the best ever?! If someone says it to me I say no way - but believe me when I say it. This is totally worth every penny and every hour of your life! 


read my review about the ebook HERE

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